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Im supose to be sleeping but i cant sleepCategory: (general)
Friday, 23 October 2009
11:26:34 PM (GMT)
Im suppose to be sleeping with my fiance right now but i really cant sleep. . . kinda wish he wasn't so far away i mean the only time i get to feel a bit closer is falling asleep with him and we can imagine how close we are....even if we are millions of miles away.....I feel so envious of people who fell in love with there soul mate that lives so close to them.... i wish i was close to him....but i know in 4 years everything will be okie.....everything will be beautiful and wonderful and i just gatta fight through college and make it....would love to hold his hands.....kiss his lips.....and hold him tight........think all i can do is imagine he is here with me somehow..... ._. ....i feel like im in a fairy tale sometimes which is so not sure why im writing on here i just dont know really its kinda nice though such an odd place to but journal entries ish i guess ><~
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-sigh-Category: (general)
Friday, 23 October 2009
02:17:10 AM (GMT)
Is it weird to feel out of place...? i lost two of my best friends this year and
really dont have much friends....mostly at all

I just feel so much out of place and alone... but thankfully my fiance is there next
to me or id be in complete friend for 7 years and one for 3
years......-shakes head- well you can tell how much of a friend i was to them ._. . .
. im pretty sure i wont speak to my ex best friend ever again maybe Megan but not
him....i do miss them both..... not sure what to do with myself.....i feel alone yet not at the same time
just feels like somethings missing though all i need in my life is the love of my
life right....? just feels like somethings missing....

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