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No Chance.Category: (general)
Sunday, 27 September 2009
10:25:38 PM (GMT)
I changed schools this year. It's the greatest. I have so many friends and they're all amazing. There's one in particular. He's pretty nice looking, sweet, funny. He thinks I'm the greatest friend of all time. My one problem, I think that's where it will stay. We became friends almost immediately. By the end of orientation we were super close. Of course, when you're a girl who's friends with a guy rumors will start flying about you dating. Now, when those started I of course denied them. I had only just met the guy, we were friends, I didn't like him yet. Unfortunately saying that has locked us in the friend zone. I don't really want to go ahead and ask him out or anything. I just wish it could happen naturally.
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Ignored By The InternetCategory: (general)
Friday, 20 March 2009
10:26:13 PM (GMT)
This used to be my favorite site. I kind of, belonged here, you know? On other sites
I always felt out of place. Didn't quite get it. Even after being there a while I
didn't really fit in.
Now, after being gone for so long that's what it feels like here. I guess it's to be
expected, after leaving for so long you can't expect it to be exactly the same. I
just miss having tons of people to talk to, being able to spend hours upon hours in
the Fleeting Thoughts. Probably was good that I left, spending that much time on the
internet cannot be good for you. But, it was nice.
I even thought I was kind of popular.
Now no one cares about me. 
God, this is depressing. I must seem like such a loser, complaining about not having
internet friends. But, it was such a huge part of my life. I wish I could have
it back.
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Blackle.comCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 28 November 2007
08:51:18 PM (GMT) is a website made by google. It is almost exactly the same as google except the background color is black and the text is white. Blackle saves energy because it takes less energy to display a black screen than a white screen. Please change your homepage to Blackle and help save energy one search at a time.
Last edited: 28 November 2007

I'm back!Category: (general)
Monday, 26 November 2007
03:06:53 PM (GMT)
I'm back!
Miss me? Oh, I guess not. 
I came back yesterday so I would have made this diary entry sooner but had tons of
homework so there wasn't really time for Kupika. I had lots of fun on Thanksgiving.
I hung out a lot with my little cousin. She's so CUTE! She's about 2 1/2. I read a
bunch of books to her. I remembered most of them from when I was little! It was so
fun. In one of the books we read (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) in one of the
pictures there was a store that was named "Flowers By Bernie". Coincidence? Yes. xD
We also went swimming. There was a basket ball hoop in the pool to we played a bit
of basket ball. We also did TONS of puzzles. I don't really know what else to type
besides this, pie (especially chocolate pie) tastes good frozen. xD
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ThanksgivingCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 20 November 2007
12:37:24 PM (GMT)
You probably know that Thanksgiving is coming up. If you don't you've probably been
living under a rock or somewhere other than America. 

I shall be away on Thanksgiving vaction visiting my aunt, uncle, and little cousin .
I may be off Kupika and I may not depending on whether the hotel I'm staying at has
the internet. I'll be leaving on Thursday and returning on Sunday. It's just a few
days so I'm sure you won't miss me too much. XD

Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving and if you don't celebrate it celebrate No
Disgusting Leftovers Day because trust me, you get sick of microwaved turkey pretty
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English AccentsCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 6 November 2007
03:41:37 PM (GMT)
I am trying to perfect my British accent. I'm pretty good at it but there's one
problem, I keep changing where I'm from. I figure, if I'm going to perfect my British
accent I'm going to have to pick a kind. That's where you, my fellow Kupikans come
in. I need you to help me figure out what kind of British accent to pick. Well,
really first I need a list of the different types. Will you people help? Please?
Last edited: 28 November 2007

Name CopyingCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 16 October 2007
07:25:17 PM (GMT)
Once in a while people come up with a username that is similar to another person's.
If the person who had the original name sees the new person they often acuse the
other person of copying their name. They may have or they may have not but that is
not the point. The point is that there is no point to these accusation. What is
someone copying your name going to do to you? What does it take from you? Why go
around being mean to a person just because they have similar tastes in usernames?
Last edited: 28 November 2007

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