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Have you ever?Category: My random Topics
Tuesday, 12 January 2010
08:10:15 PM (GMT)
These are series of have you ever Questions, Reply to them if you like, BUT these are just some of my Random topic ideas to do.... Enjoy... Have you ever gotten so bored to the point your stareing at something thats normal to you then once your stareing for about 20 minutes you start asking questions like I.E. Your foot, common questions about the foot are: Why do we have toes? Why do we --Need-- to walk with our feet? What is the purpose of our feet? And so on.. I have and its gotten to the point where im wondering out towards the sky and asking questions millions have wondered my most common "Have you Ever?" questions.. ((please dont try to aswer these questions because i do not wish for them to be
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Twilight SagaCategory: Immature People
Monday, 11 January 2010
05:36:46 PM (GMT)
I dont want to tell all of you that i am a fan and that im writeing this completely on the facts that i love it. BUT im not because in ways i agree with both sides, its stupid BUT really good... The Reasons of why its Good: If you get past the "nonsense" of how supposevly the author ruined the tradtional sense of vampires and wereovolves, the book is quite great to read. And again if you get past that, the movies are really good too.. But if your a guy thats not into the chick flick and "Oh-mi-gawd Edward/Jacob is so hawt" thing then i wouldnt blame you.. The literature of her series are quite un-real but really good. They give the sense of fear and yet sadness of the main character Bella. And if you get past the "nonsense" about the vampires and werewolves and so on, you would realize the image
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Obama!Category: Fucked up Shit
Saturday, 9 January 2010
05:24:44 PM (GMT)
Okay i may be late on wanting to rant about this.. But this is fucked up! Obama, just because your not christian, ((again im not in any religous matter)) doesnt mean you should change the ways that have been the same for many many decades! I mean wanting to take God outta the Pledge of Aligance!? Wow you might as well take away In God We Trust on all of our money! He is a dumb ass because hes stupid for wanting to do that. Our Pledge to out country has been the same for hundreds of years, and the money is
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The differance between a Pedophile in your neighbor hood and a
Pedophile on the internet
Category: The Cold Truth
Thursday, 7 January 2010
06:15:53 PM (GMT)
The differance between a pedophile in your neighbor hood and a Pedophile on the internet... Is that a Pedo in your Neighborhood will try to look sexually towards the children in his neighbor hood. The Pedo on the internet are people who like to try and get naked pictures of children under the age and try to get their number and adress and make them feel special to make them think that they are the one to go meet and have sex with them.... Well thats sort of the exact same about the ones in your neighbor hood, but these are people who are skilled with words on the internet. People who stalk you in chat rooms. And if you give them enough information online you could possibly get one of these things happen to you: 1. Found and raped
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The truth about Cybering or Cyber SexCategory: The Cold Truth
Thursday, 7 January 2010
05:49:46 PM (GMT)
Okay most of you think of cybering as gross and immature. But honestly if you dont understand the concept of it and just think of what you hear about it then your the immature one. Cybering ill say right now i do not do. Cybering is the concept of a graphic sex novel. Two people playing out parts. Its rated 18+ and for adults mainly. If your under 18 then maybe thats why you concider it gross. Or because of the way your friends or soemone who told you about it chose to describe it. Its role playing. You know like RMPG ?? Its the same just more sexual. Its not the same but nearly the same with real sex. If your aroudn the age of 14 to 16 or even older if you concider this cybering..:
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