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weiredest dayCategory: (general)
Saturday, 6 June 2009
10:48:46 PM (GMT)
LOOOL my mom caught me with someone who she doesnt want me to hang out with and she
was pisseddd now she didnt say anythign elsee Rofl that person its ok that person its
all good

shawn deleted my commentCategory: (general)
Thursday, 26 March 2009
09:55:15 PM (GMT)
I feel sad and deppressed. I'm going to go get the razor i think. Shawn had his
recent diary entre called i need your opion cause he can't spell opinion .  I said at
the end Shawn already gave up lol. he kept deleting the comment than he got rid of
the diary. He just can't handle that im a sexier version of plex. I got moses and
chuck norris on my side, (and cocaine.)  theres nothin u can do about it bud. the
whole world knows now. what are you going to do :o well if i were you i would get
started with your homework take a shower, on friday be cool in school get a haricut
and shave your pubs. then you will lose your virginity and you will be one again. I
for myself have been experienced (jimi hendrix refrence fuck yeah) and i get into the
daily basis of doing those things. You are an ANOMOLY COMPARED TO EVERYONE ELSE AHHH
..  thanks again. see you next time .. love sexyy version of plexxxx ohhhhh yeahh

I'm on probationCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 24 March 2009
11:14:20 PM (GMT)
Got caught with 42 grams of pot and my friedn was able to excape with 30  i am
sentence to probation court may 2cnd possition of marijuana intention to sell this
fuckinf sucks cow cock piece of fucking dick shit  fuck weeddd stop this bullshit

I am gunna draw everyone in DA POSSI (shawn alix rich aly jason migel
lindsay prancer(fag but buys stuff) mike (yeyye) James cho (well
he's my friend but whatever) matt)
Category: (general)
Monday, 16 March 2009
12:08:15 AM (GMT)
yeah gunna draw everyone singly in oeakaki in memories for good timez

solid hits :DCategory: (general)
Thursday, 5 March 2009
01:04:27 AM (GMT)
Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers Negative Creep by Nirvana While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles Ramblin Man by The Allman Brothers
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Last edited: 5 March 2009

MY BEAST POEM to shawnman the kid with the deflated afroCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 3 March 2009
12:00:17 AM (GMT)
look at my poem mit beats aly;s I wish that i was asian asian ryhmes with smasian but i also want a black dick while being asian Mushrromms and plush toys anal shphinkters and sean hanimans greg higleys and zach belahobec look at the bright side my young padawan now you dont face anger seing the face of these qweers when your in court
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Last edited: 5 March 2009

FIRE AGAIN??? 0.0Category: Life
Saturday, 29 November 2008
05:18:03 PM (GMT)
Yeah Well My friend alex called and he told me to go to hang out with them at the
wild life center. (Jason,Tyler,Alex,Richard,Alex,Matt) and i was like where sSHawn??
And he was like O yeah We burned this Huge leafpile and the cops came and shawn went
runnign really fast from this guy who was chasing him in a black car. So when i got
there alex had to go home with mat cause the cops called hsi dad and tyler went home
to. So i was basicaly hanging out with rich and jason until jason had to go. I went
to shawns house and his parents said he was grounded (thanks alot alex) and alex
hasnt been on the computer for awhile and his cellphones turned off so basically this
sucks dick and my friend james cho wont leave me alone with his asian nagging
Last edited: 5 March 2009

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