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Truth Or Dare On AIMCategory: (general)
Friday, 29 May 2009
11:16:34 PM (GMT)
rocakstar1200154 = ME [22:45] jacksonsiegal96: has joined the chat [22:45] hunterdrew1998: has joined the chat [22:45] rockstar1200154: has joined the chat [22:45] Katie: has joined the chat [22:46] Rachel: has joined the chat [22:46] Katie: whos hunter and jackson? [22:46] rockstar1200154: IDK [22:46] Rachel: heyy [22:46] Dardan: has joined the chat [22:46] Dardan: hi im dardan sister
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I Died My hairCategory: (general)
Monday, 25 May 2009
07:06:12 PM (GMT)
Finally. It's died. Blood red. I'll take a pic when I can. Bye. The Color Of My Hair (just my bangs)

Got My hair CutCategory: (general)
Saturday, 23 May 2009
10:24:19 PM (GMT)
OMG!!! Guess what!!! I got my hair cut!!! It's still long in the back. I lust have, like, IDK how to explain this. So, I'll take a pic when I get my webcam (it's at my dads and I'm at my moms) back. Bye!!!

I Feel Like A CopierCategory: (general)
Friday, 22 May 2009
11:25:33 PM (GMT)
I don't know why but I've been feeling like such a copier lately. Becasue all these different types of people are my friends. It's mostly with music. Like, I used to listen to country (yeah, I know, I hate it now) a lot but then all my friends listened to 95.5. So that was my life. Then people started liking rock and heavy metal and screamo stuff, and now I like that. And now NeverShoutNever is popular and I like them, but I don't want to be called a copire. I like them, but I feel like such a copier. I don't know why.
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PeomsCategory: (general)
Thursday, 21 May 2009
04:53:10 PM (GMT)
It's peotry month in school. So here are some poems I seen or made. Roses Are Red Roses are red, violets are blue. Most peoms rhyme, but this one doesn't!!! Hamlet And Ophelia
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OMG We Made ItCategory: (general)
Saturday, 2 May 2009
05:43:29 PM (GMT)
Fer all you doubters out thar. WE MADE IT!!! We won 1st place. Woo-hoo!!! I hope Gie does too!!! Tell meh how it went, Gie!!!

Cheer Competition TomorrowCategory: (general)
Friday, 1 May 2009
09:49:31 PM (GMT)
Cheer competition tomorrow. =D Wish meh luck. I'll tell ya how it goes. Hopefully we make it. Ya think we will???
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