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I'm all sick :cCategory: (general)
Saturday, 2 June 2012
09:03:38 PM (GMT)
My friend and I shared some Udon noodle soup and now my throats sore. 
I took some medicine that she gave me but I still feel sick.

Damn, I wanted to be healthy for the last week of school D;

I'm really in the mood to draw nothing but legsCategory: (general)
Sunday, 27 May 2012
05:31:10 PM (GMT)
I'm actually proud that I've improved a bit on leg anatomy but for some reason I
want to try a little more.
Things concerning the lighting, shading and the structure and stuff like that.
Thankfully tumblr has given me enough references to practice for days, 
although I saw some things.
I didn't like half the things I saw.

Also they all have to be hairy since my friend told me to.

THROWBACKCategory: (general)
Saturday, 12 May 2012
10:47:04 PM (GMT)
I think the last time was on here was several months ago.
Hi guys :> I was kind of immersed in tumblr and schoolwork and some shit.

I think most of my friends are gone though :C

aughhhCategory: (general)
Monday, 9 January 2012
09:00:33 PM (GMT)
just please stop being a manwhore asswipe please.

Online shoppingCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 30 November 2011
08:15:44 PM (GMT)
good lord what.

Black friday shopping aw yeah c:Category: Hm (:
Thursday, 24 November 2011
03:22:00 PM (GMT)
I never shop for clothes don't judge me.
I'm getting new clothes since it seems like a good day for it. 
I've never cared much about shoes but I've taken an interest in these vans:
Even though winter's coming and I'll probably only get to wear them for a good 12-15
days before it becomes impossible to wear them due to the climate I want them (: 
Aughh, I gotta get a coat aswell and headphones but I'll worry about that later.

Without believing in your own looks, having others do it is pointless.Category: (general)
Thursday, 20 October 2011
08:54:37 PM (GMT)
Lately my bestfriend's been having problems with her self-esteem and it annoys me in a way. I truly believe she's pretty and I tell her that, as well as our friends. She thinks she's fat and ugly and actually gets depressed at this and I always end up having to reassure her that it's untrue but she just replies to me as if she doesn't believe a word of it and it doesn't matter. I know she doesn't because I'm her bestfriend, and obviously a bestfriend would say anything to make their friend happy. I can tell her I'm being honest as much as I want and I know she really won't believe it. At first it worried me, and then annoyed me. I don't know why I get annoyed but I know that sometimes I wanna just walk away from her because of how much she brings up how much she hates how she looks. It's a terrible thing for a friend to do and instead I explained to her one night that what I say, or anybody says, isn't gonna help until she thinks her own self is beautiful.
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