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He has been called Phanual, or “The beast”. His body is almost 40 years old, but has the appearance of being 25. He
is straight.
He's 5'10, dark brown eyes, and is slightly athletic; he prefers to be few people that he trusts, or alone.
He's gifted in intelligence and creativity, though he's not a genius. He has basic skills with technology. He can be a
bright leader.

He was born a human, but avoids using his given name, and calls himself Phanual.

Since he was a child he was smart and creative, though he never reached the first spot. He was also a natural leader,
but his family constantly moved, and never fit in any place, so he grew up a loner, only leading when he feels there's
no other option. He spent his time toying with devices, developing an afinity with technology.

In his late teens, he was selected to fight in a war by a being called "The creator of worlds", to fight what the
creator calls "a force of evil", who wanted to control the worlds of the creator. Phanual was choosen due to the high
concentration of energy of his soul; however, high energy in his body did not come from his soul, but from a being that
while unnamed, the literature calls "the beast". This being was created by the "force of evil" to assasinate the
creator, but escaped into the wild, hiding in creatures about to be born before the soul developed, and consuming the
soul as soon as it resisted the invader. After centuries and thousands of unborn souls consumed, the soul of the next
body he sliped into, accepted the alien creature, and the creature's soul linked to Phanual's soul, remaining dormant in
the blood of his body until it awoke during the war.

The beast lends it's abilities to it's human host whenever needed, but it wasn't well received by the creator's allies,
though it was accepted on the condition that it's human host does not allow it to roam free. The war kept going hurting
both sides with no winners, until a battle where Phanual's conciousness couldn't resist the strain of the fight,
allowing the creature to take over his body, which devoured many souls of the opposite army, including it's leader. This
way of ending the war convinced the proud allies of the creator further of the creature's wickedness.

During and after the war, he enrolled in medical school but was not able to juggle between the war and his human life,
graduating in twice the time and with poor grades than his peers. Unable to fit in the human or supernatural world, he
faked his death as a human, only letting some close family members and friends of the truth.

He has been travelling for a few years now, with no real goals, his only guide being his whims.

His body is usually controlled purely by his human conciousness, with the beast only taking over when the human mind is
too burdened. As a human, his behavior is usually loving, but has moments where dark desires overwhelm his thoughts.

He loves art of all kinds, and though he has a preference for surreal and cute art, but he likes trying new kinds all
the time. 

The beast itself is vicious, seeking rape, murder, harm, mutilation and canibalism when it takes over the body if the
human soul is unable to contain it; it is unable to speak, but it understands words. When it's out of the human body, it
behaves the same way with it's shapeless body. At this moment, the only other being that it listens to and likes is

He is usually carrying only the clothes he wears, prefering to materialize objects as he needs them (see abilities). He
aims to match his clothes to his environment, to avoid attention.

His experience in the war provided him with knowledge of the supernatural world, and excellent hand-to-hand fighting
skills. He is not skilled with firearms or weapons, and relies on the beast's abilities to fight.

When the beast is free, it moves like a blob, quickly sliding on the floor or pouncing at victims. The beast is also
able to break the chemical bonds between atoms, and store the released energy within the beast's soul, which provides
means to attack, as objects touched while the ability is active will decompose. In a similar manner, the beast's soul
can dissintegrate and store the energy of soul's it comes in contact with, but is unable to do the same for any other
energy form.

Through the link between the two souls, Phanual can use the beast's energy or his ability to decompose matter and souls.
When the beast abilities are used, either by Phanual or the beast itself, the eyes turn (they don't glow) red.

The knowledge gained in medical school allows him to use the beast's energy to unlocks the brain's potential for
telekinesis, being able to create, destroy, repair, and move objects, like clothes, or even a body, as long as he
understands how to do it. Using telekinesis on complex or big objects is very tiring; for very complex objects like a
body (even his own body), repairing is a slow process that can take hours or days.

He used his telekinesis to revert his body back to that of a 25 yr old, and provide resistance to known diseases; he is
able to revert back his aging constantly, but as this is a painful and difficult process, he doesn't plans to repeat it
for years.

He is able to allow the beast to separate completely, and in this state he has no supernatural abilities.

When the beast is not with him, he can be beaten in a straight fight with a supernatural being, though he would be able
to do some damage and probably would opt to escape instead of fighting in this situation.

While the beast itself could be damaged with physical force, this is not the best course of action as touch while the
matter dissolving ability is active would consume the part that touches the creature; various kinds of energy (fire,
explosions, cold, lasers, etc), or projectiles (rocks, bullets, throwing knives, arrows, etc) would be better suited.
Close quarters fights with the beast are deadly, due to the high damage it can quickly inflict at this range, unless it
can be killed in one hit before it has the chance to react.

While the beast and Phanual combine forces, telekinesis makes it more difficult to attack with physical force as
barriers or armor can be created for protection; though armor is only used as needed since it slows down the movement
required for Phanual to attack. Telekinesis also makes poisons, bleeding, heat and other slowly acting killers
ineffective, as this can be healed or compensated; however, repeatedly inducing non-minor injuries will lead to
Phanual's death as long as time to heal isn't allowed.

Telekinesis gets exponentially harder for higher elements in the periodic table:
  • hydrogen (first element) is easy/instant/can create inmense quantities
  • iron (#26) isn't difficult/takes seconds/can create an sphere of about 1 meter in radius around him
  • silver (#47) is midly tiring/takes minutes/can create the size of a fist
  • gold (#79) is too tiring to do over one session/takes hours or days/can manipulate dust
  • lead (#82) is theorically possible, but he has never managed to do it
Therefore, cells and shackles meant to hold him were made with lead. His weaknesses are widely known among the militia of supernatural creatures, even have never seen him face to face and might not recognize him at first sight; likewise, the literature written about him describes these, and anyone seeking to know about him would get all the information in this page. Pictures There pictures of the male are his human body, and there are pictures of the beast's body; the girl's pictures are for someone else's character.
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