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Well, I'm editing this once again. I think I'm just going to answer
these little questions that keep changing on the bottom of the
Yes, I wear glasses. In other people I see personality. Of course, I
also notice looks and such. But, generally I see what kind of a person
they are. Sounds generic, eh? However, it's not quite as generic as it
sounds. By talking to a person, I can usually tell how to respond in
various emotional situations and how they'll respond to various
situations. Therefor, it makes me a better friend, and a more helpful
person in general. Love; how to define it. Love is that unconditional,
uncontrollable feeling you get for someone, that makes you happy.
You're happy when they're happy, you hurt when they're hurt, you want
only the best for them. To love someone, is to put them before all
else because you place their happiness and success at such a highly
important level. Love is incredible and undefinable, but we do our
best to define it in ways such as the above. I'm not single, speaking
of love, I have a boyfriend and I'm madly in love with him. He's
perfect, to me, even though he drives me nuts sometimes. Choosing
between love and romance doesn't work well for me. In my eyes, they're
intertwined. You can't have romance without love, and love always has
a little bit of romance, whether a person can see it or not. Hm, God.
Do I believe in God? I used to always say yes, and then I started to
deny Him. In all honesty, I'm not sure what I believe. I do know, I
don't believe most of the Bible, it's far too flawed. And I also don't
believe in organized religions. I believe religion and church is just
a safety blanket and allows people to place the blame elsewhere when
things go wrong in their lives. As for believing in God though, I'm
just not sure. I've come to find, I'm a rather introverted person. I
don't just share how I feel willy nilly. You have to gain trust, which
isn't easy, and show me that you'll be there. Nevermind the fact, in
real life, I'm fairly antisocial. Most people irritate me and are
disappointments to me. Well, my ambition.. I used to think I knew what
I wanted as a career, and I thought that defined ambition. However, my
outlook on that has changed. My ambition now is to stay with my love
forever which is enough to keep me happy, and to never let myself go.
I never want to lose who I am. I have a high self esteem, and I intend
to keep it that way. As for the career part of ambition, I want to do
something important. I haven't decided what just yet, but I want to do
something that's helpful and uses the intelligence and gift of
knowledge I possess. It pains me to see how teenagers and children now
throw the importance of intelligence away. They now more than ever,
view singers, models, and actors as their heroes. They want to be just
like Lindsay Lohan or Chris Brown. What happened to the real heroes?
Why is it that nobody admires people like Susan B Anthony or Albert
Einstein anymore? In saddens me. Society is on an inevitable and
increasingly fast crash. My hobbies include a vast majority of things.
Mostly though, I enjoy the fine arts; photography, acting, singing,
dancing, poetry, etc. I also adore writing, reading, expanding my
knowledge, debating, public speaking, learning philosophy, and more. I
enjoy bettering myself and those around me. I don't really care for
sports, I'm not too good at them, so I dislike them. My skills; I'm a
singer and I can play piano. I'm also usually good at keeping the
peace and helping get people to get along. And I'm great at academics.
I don't really have a favorite movie. I used to have an obsession with
Johnny Depp, however, although he's still my favorite actor, I'm not
going to say that I love every movie that he's in. Some have kind of
sucked. My favorite food is spaghetti, but I also love meat. My
favorite color doesn't exist. I don't know what color I like best. My
hair is brown, my eyes are blue, and I have a lot of freckles. I don't
smoke, but I don't mind people who do. In fact, my boyfriend does. I
don't respect alcohol abuse, but I have a bit of a bias towards it.
However, I don't mind people smoking pot. It's better for you than
cigarettes and alcohol. I do have pets. I have two cats, Blessing and
Jordan, two fish at my boyfriend's house, Rain and Thunder, and he has
a dog that I claim to be mine, Maggie. Oh, what kind of music do I
like? I like all kinds of different music. I won't even go into that.
I like good music, and I don't like bad music. But, everyone views
music differently. So, what I see as good music, someone else will see
as bad music. That's how the world works.

Alright, I believe I've answered all of these. I'll try to be on more
than I used to be. I know I took about a year break, but I'm back now.
Send me something.


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Q&A Section   
Oroborus21 30 Nov 08  
heya, hope life is grand! say hey when u log in again
demonicPIXIE 30 Nov 08  
I will do.
KisaRoar 21 Sep 08  
Hiya^^ Saw Your Ad-thingy....And I Guse you look like a pretty cool
person....With an interesting Point of view of things*Profile*
So ummmm Yea...
demonicPIXIE 22 Sep 08  
Haha, why thank you very much. I'll send you a message or a letter then, if
you'd like.
xXxkillerXxXqueenxXx 2 Sep 08  
it's "pyro_the_pirate" 
i made a *new* account
add this one doll!
demonicPIXIE 3 Sep 08  
Alright. (:
PanicPrimrose 1 Sep 08  
dude this site has you listed as a guy, but gave you a female character. How
does that feel?
demonicPIXIE 1 Sep 08  
Well, seeing as I'm female I'm pretty content with it. And even if it had given
me a male character, I wouldn't care.
Oroborus21 13 Aug 08  
hi Rayvn, ive not said hi to ou in a long while. how has your summer been?
bring me up to speed withyour life
demonicPIXIE 14 Aug 08  
That's probably because I haven't been on in over year. 
My summer has been great, I have a new boyfriend; we've been together since the
end of March. He's magnificent. I've basically been spending the summer with
him; I spent a day at the Brookfield Zoo with him. 
He's just been fabulous.
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