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Internet family!!^w^

WE ARE FAMILY!!! ^w^ Sister:LovelyLittleAngel [shy]Adopted Sister:Little_Gelert Brother: Brother-in-law: Papa: Mama: Best-Friend[girl]:Girl101 Best-Friend#2[boy]: Stalker: Secret admirier: Imaginary friend:Dreamgirl204! Cereal buddy: Enemy-friend: hyper buddy:Mewmewpuppy! My Wabbit: Party buddy:Tuishi and serina Young Uncle: Young Granny: Dead Aunt:O.o Older sister: Younger brother: Boss: Prom date: >D Guardian[angel]:AquaRose! Guardian:[demon]: Babysitter: My PetRock-sitter: My doctor: My lawyer: A hater(to see if anyone accutally hates mwe): Evil cupcake:xEvilcupcake Partner in crime:Evil_Blondie Partner in taking over the world:*4*xEvilCupcake,justme383, Teddy-Bear!:Tuishi *more to come *POP*
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  cute_monkey — Page created: 30 November 2007  |  Last modified: 6 December 2007
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girl101 says:   30 November 2007   685872  
your hate
girl101 says:   30 November 2007   475397  
girl101 says:   30 November 2007   817338  
your best rfien
cute_monkey says:   30 November 2007   224542  
Ok lolz
dont ever scare me like that again missy!
‹Naita› says:   30 November 2007   257475  
Can I be your adopted sis? your SHY adopted sis?? PLZ!!!
‹LovelyBastard♥› says:   30 November 2007   285118  
Can I be the guardian angel and Mama,if 1 then gurdian angel
cute_monkey says:   30 November 2007   885918  
Little_Gelert:Lol yah sure! ^-^
AquaRose:Oh you can only be one so I will put you as guardian angel!
‹LovelyBastard♥› says:   30 November 2007   461287  
cute_monkey says:   30 November 2007   733892  
Ur welcome!
xEvilCupcake says:   30 November 2007   916574  
Ehem. =/

You forgot the EVIL cupcake Dx
I want to be a cupcake :D
cute_monkey says:   30 November 2007   432898  
oh of course
*hits head 
justme383 says:   30 November 2007   767755  
I wan tto be your partner in taking over the world!!
Plz =)
‹Puppeh.› says:   30 November 2007   237818  
I wanna be your Hyper Buddy!
cute_monkey says:   30 November 2007   725225  
lovelylittleangel says:   30 November 2007   426585  
can i be your sister
cute_monkey says:   30 November 2007   148172  
Ok! ^_^
Hi hi sister angel-chan!
Dreamgirl204 says:   30 November 2007   936557  
Yay! April-can!! (always wanted to say that! Sqeee!!!)
Can I be your imaginary friend!?
Dreamgirl204 says:   30 November 2007   519699  
i ment to say chan not can.
cute_monkey says:   30 November 2007   963565  
Lol sure and I have said can instead of chan before too ^__^
lovelylittleangel says:   30 November 2007   193825  
lol thanks ^^
cute_monkey says:   30 November 2007   221977  
Ur welcome!
‹cristianCRAZY› says:   1 December 2007   187341  
Secret admirier or Prom date or Partner in Crime you pick
cute_monkey says:   1 December 2007   342657  
lol. . . hmmm you have evil in ur name so I pick Partner in crime! ^__^
‹envyismyyname› says:   1 December 2007   984539  
um can i be your teddy bear XD pwease
‹envyismyyname› says:   1 December 2007   153864  
or me and Serina as your party buddeh
‹envyismyyname› says:   2 December 2007   726381  
AWESOME i am a teddy bear that partys!!*suttfin falls out* now i am a stuffless
teddy bear
girl101 says:   2 December 2007   147481  
sorry 2222222222222222222
cute_monkey says:   2 December 2007   839832  
Tuishi:Lol *puts stuffin back in* O.o ur fat!!OMGoss!>w< xD
Girl101:it ok!I was messin with ya! ^__^
xEvilCupcake says:   6 December 2007   166579  
Lol I love the background~because it looks like
the little sad face is popping out of the computer!!!:D
The awesomeness x]
justme383 says:   6 December 2007   481579  
cute_monkey says:   6 December 2007   969712  
xEvilCupcake:>D lol it does and WOOPSY!!i didnt mean to put a wil sad face xD
Justme:Me hhheeee ahahaha!!HA!
‹cristianCRAZY› says:   6 December 2007   181551  
cute_monkey says :   17 December 2007   889292  
I love ur new look!
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