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Murder she wrote

2 peoples thingies 
Pussydestoryer whose name i am to lazy to spell correctly, he liked to ignore the rules and made a "nice" poem on Mr. K

1. kyrederf is super creative, spelling his name backwards to come up with a unique
2. he's a dedicated atheist that is passionate about his beliefs. it's such an
impartial part of his profile's content, it can act as a claim to fame.
3. he so kindly marks every message with an accurate timestamp. this blocks confusion
and ensures nobody ever misses a timely reply.
4. despite sometimes mocking or attacking random people on ft for minuscule
infractions, he's a perfect gentleman, a swell guy.
5. Kyrederf makes me so happy when he says stupid shit 
6. I feel even smarter, smarter than a retarded baby whose been hit 
7. he lives like a lone wolf, solitary and graceful. he is a treat to behold.
8. just like a wolf, he's shrouded in darkness and mystery. he's a living enigma;
what secrets does he have, will anyone ever be told?
9. i admire his bantering with sapphire. it's a treat, to see two such close
10. despite my constant bullying, i'm deeply in love with him. my adoration never

his failure to ryhme on a lyric forced me to change lyric 6 and 5, 
his old ones
5. the way he structures his sentences is just delightful and attractive. his grammar
is perfect.
6. when he puts me in my place via messages or publicly on ft or twits, i'm always
absolutely wrecked.

Anonymous did one on pussydestroyer
1. I heard that pussydestroyer can't fucking ryhme
2. he's so bad at it it's a fucking crime
3. I wonder if they were dropped on their head as a baby
4. no wonder people can't tell if he's a lady
5. almost feel like I wanna shoot myself when he says stuff in the fleeting thoughts
6. she probbaly so ugly he makes a person with down syndrome feel hot
7. only thing worse than her is a dead persons funk
8. but thats like comparing a stink bomb to a skunk 
9. Sapphire constant mockery of her delights me to no end
10. So I say fuck her/him and kill all there friends

pick the "best" one
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  crazyhot — Page created: 29 June 2018
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crazyhot says:   29 June 2018   331789  
porcelains says:   29 June 2018   651286  
i like ffions better but overall this contest was very boring
crazyhot says:   29 June 2018   613895  
pussydestroyer says:   29 June 2018   337973  
i think i should win since i'm a nice boy
and your alterations to my poem made me look mean
i'm not mean you prick
crazyhot says :   29 June 2018   275185  
Nah mate it's improved 

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