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sister's manga idea

ohhhhhhkay, this is Ash's sister here and I had a question for all of you kupikans who read this page :D
you see, the idea I have is a boy named yagumay nargucci (yah-goo-may nar-goo-chi) who has the power to, at will, change
form to a wolf. (starting to sound like wolf's rain........ O.O) but anywho, he has done some...illegal things in the
past and only one man knew about what he was doing-anything he wanted. and yagumay had been committing the crimes in the
form of a wolf. but keep in mind, it's only a form, he can still talk and think as a human. and this man, known only as
the Marionette, knew his secret and would keep it under one condition...(here's the contract that they made, no small
      Yagumay Nargucci is under complete control of Marionette and is to accomplish any tasks given to him by the
Marionette or advisers of the Marionette until the demise of the Marionette's business is no longer a problem. Yagumay
Nargucci may leave as he pleases, however, in making an escape, Yagumay Nargucci's secret will be revealed to the
police. After the release of Yagumay Nargucci, he is to help the Marionette through the first month or until the
Marionette is declared financially stable. Yagumay Nargucci must report back to the Marionette whenever Yagumay Nargucci
is called upon by the Marionette or any of the Marionette's advisers. Yagumay Nargucci may only be called back in
emergencies in which Yagumay Nargucci is the only available option.
*wipes her forehead* phew...okay. so, yea. oh, and also Yagumay also has a dog. She's a chocolate lab and I have yet to
think of a name ... -.-"
so, suggestions for her name, changes in the plot (an ending has not been decided yet...), new people...they would be
greatly appreciated and welcomed!
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‹Still wanna talk? Add KrissieKaboom :]› says :   15 July 2008   378747  

well, so far, it sounds great. :]
as for the dog's name, I suggest something exotic or unusual.
like, Lusca (Loo-ska), or Banako (bah-nah-koh).
idk, just make something up.

as for the plot, it also sounds really good.

new people, idk, maybe a few family members? or a few friends? boyfriend? something?
idk, just think of a few things I guess? XP

I'm not good at making changes to someone else's stories, but somehow I can write my
own..? >.<
oh well, you should probably get someone else to help. XP

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