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Love (please read and comment)

My dear friends How high is the price of love? If love were standing in front of me and asked me "What are you prepared to give to me?" I don't know what i would say. Wait. Maybe i would say " What have i done to you? Why do you jerk me around like that?" And then i would shake him till his thoughts whirled around like mine do. A storm in a glass of water. And still: Whatever happens whoever sent my feelings to war: i believe in the power of love. Maybe i am stupid. Maybe i am naive. But maybe hope dies last. Even though my heart is lying in pieces on the ground right now and other people are dancing the samba on it. I can feel in the end love will give me a chance. Its just that its hard not to loose faith. Especially when love stabs you in the back, you will have doubts. Because love hurts. But still...... It is the greatest feeling of all. We give everything for love........ really everything? Is the price too high? Would we be prepared to pay for love with our lives? YES at least that is what is was told by someone. I know some people who went through humiliation, prejudice and violence because they love each other. Its worth it not to let go, to fight, to believe. A great and true love will always win in the end. Those people are hero's in my eyes. They proved: love is made of courage. If you are destined for each other, the world can end but at least you are not alone. Its better to drown together than burn alone. Love burns, but maybe thats true when your love isnt big enough. Maybe sometimes you believe in the love of your life even though they are not the one. Maybe our feelings are too small to ever become big enough so that you can go through everything together. like those people who kept true to their love against all odds hand in hand. I wish i could get my courage back to leave the past behind me. with renewed strength, no wounds. thats why i let my soul write these words. Someday i will courageously laugh in the face of my fate like those i once knew.
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  coolqueen1998 — Page created: 19 February 2012  |  Last modified: 14 April 2012
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‹Green Spring Grass› says:   25 February 2012   464382  
You are my new best friend. This is exactly what I needed to read at the moment.
coolqueen1998 says:   18 March 2012   395048  
ur welcome
Security says:   14 April 2012   353239  
you should read some of my friend's poems about love. this is how she feels too
coolqueen1998 says :   15 April 2012   277238  
i will thanx

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