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Dr who is cool

Dr who is cool.  He has ben played by lots of people starting with William Hartnell all the way to matt smith.  here is
the list of names of who has played the doctor.
Actor (role) Tenure First appearance Last appearance 

William Hartnell (First Doctor) 23 November 1963 – 29 October 1966 An Unearthly Child Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor) 29 October 1966 – 21 June 1969 The Tenth Planet Episode 4 The War Games Episode 10 Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor) 3 January 1970 – 8 June 1974 Spearhead from Space Episode 1 Planet of the Spiders Part Six Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor) 8 June 1974 – 21 March 1981 Planet of the Spiders Part Six Logopolis Part Four Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor) 21 March 1981 – 16 March 1984 Logopolis Part Four The Caves of Androzani Part Four Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor) 16 March 1984 – 6 December 1986 The Caves of Androzani Part Four The Ultimate Foe Part Two Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor) 7 September 1987 – 6 December 1989 27 May 1996 Time and the Rani Part One Doctor Who Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor) 27 May 1996 Doctor Who Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor) 26 March – 18 June 2005 Rose The Parting of the Ways David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) 18 June 2005 – 1 January 2010 The Parting of the Ways The End of Time Part Two Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor) 1 January 2010 – The End of Time Part Two
SEASON 7 HAD AN AMAZING START OMG A DALEK THAT THOUGHT IT WAS HUMAN BLESS HER. AMY AND RORY DIVORCED NEVER HAPPENING AGAIN!!!!! I think that David tennant is the best but that is my opinion please put yours at the bottom and i think that you must be mad to read this cause i am mad too. so if you read this then thanks please please please put a comment on this page so i know if it is good or bad. please only put a comment abou the page thanks coolqueen1998 p.s matt smith sucks OMG THAT GIRL KEEPS ON COMING BACK CLARA OSWIN OSWALD REALLY REALLY WIERD
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‹carry on my wayward son› says:   31 May 2010   460409  
Matt Smith is sex on ice. <3  C:
DisneyFan says:   1 June 2010   376506  
Matt hasn't left yet?
DisneyFan says:   1 June 2010   646434  
P.S. i know i don't like matt too. but he is quite cute ^_^
 DAVID RULES!!! best doctor ever (my opinion)
coolqueen1998 says:   2 June 2010   938095  
than you for your comments disneyfan i agree sort of
coolqueen1998 says:   2 June 2010   961826  
my friend says she isnt addicted but she also says that we all are crazed
‹BOOMSHAKALAKA› says:   2 June 2010   600225  
Your wrong, these are names of everyone who has played The Doctor.....
First doctor: William Shatner
Second doctor: Patrick Stewart
Third doctor: John Inman
Fourth doctor: Tom Jones
Fifth Doctor: Dolly Parton
Sixth doctor: The Undertaker
Seventh doctor: Sylvester the cat
Eighth doctor: Craig McLachlan
Ninth doctor: Christopher Reeve
Tenth doctor: David Duchovny
Eleventh doctor: Matt Damon

See, its all here on
coolqueen1998 says:   3 June 2010   947929  
thats what i did and said and what do u mean
DisneyFan says:   3 June 2010   710313  
Is not! lol dolly parton lol 
‹BOOMSHAKALAKA› says:   4 June 2010   757917  
Uncyclopedia does not lie!!! 
coolqueen1998 says:   6 June 2010   160060  
but david tennant played the tenth doctor my doctor who history isnt wrong
‹carry on my wayward son› says:   19 June 2010   337329  
Oh god, the universe has ended. ;-;
coolqueen1998 says:   19 June 2010   382906  
hey this is my page
‹carry on my wayward son› says:   19 June 2010   864257  
I know. Confused? >_0

Did you watch it though? 
‹carry on my wayward son› says:   19 June 2010   387965  
Was that you that blacklisted me? :/
coolqueen1998 says:   20 June 2010   851507  
NO! i never did that
‹carry on my wayward son› says:   20 June 2010   824116  
Oh, sorry. ^.^ 
coolqueen1998 says:   21 June 2010   827677  
thats ok, back up top what episode were u talking about?
‹tatooine♥› says:   8 July 2010   363584  
what the f**k
coolqueen1998 says:   10 July 2010   742530  
hey this is my page do not swear
‹tatooine♥› says:   24 August 2010   625330  
I'm sorry. that wasn't me O_O 
coolqueen1998 says:   25 August 2010   322848  
yes it was so dont lie
‹tatooine♥› says:   28 August 2010   178448  
Pfft, whatever. It wasn't. Ever heard of hacking? 
coolqueen1998 says:   6 November 2010   140952  
yes, but you did swear there is no hacking on kupika
coolqueen1998 says:   27 November 2010   116230  
so dont lie
‹carry on my wayward son› says:   27 November 2010   439576  
Perhaps she was hacked. 
I wouldn't rule out that possibility. 
coolqueen1998 says:   27 November 2010   992259  
‹*Always Remembered, yet Forever Forgotten*› says:   6 September 2012   119106  
Wait, what?!?

Plus i know this is your page so don't say "Hey this is my page" please.
coolqueen1998 says:   8 September 2012   731656  
i can say wat i want on my page thanx
‹*Always Remembered, yet Forever Forgotten*› says:   11 September 2012   230022  
El fuego e rojo
‹love_isn't_always_honest-› says:   17 April 2013   277177  
Matt smith is leaving soon, there having additions for the 12th doctor now so...
11th doctor will surely die soon :3
coolqueen1998 says:   19 April 2013   438652  
NO WAY hes leavin i may like David Tennant more but i was gettin use to matt wat a
‹love_isn't_always_honest-› says :   20 April 2013   996898  
in season 8  i think idk
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