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Daren Part 1

One day on a sunny porch in Calafornia.  A man named Daren sat on his stool watching the big game.  Daren was a poor
man he could only pay for a small cabin on a very steep hill.  He was an older man.  His wife had passed away 4 years
after his baby was born.  12 years later the baby or son was married and had moved away to Florida.  Daren leaned
against the table thinking who will win who will win.  Then a knock on the door.  It was his best bud Andy.  Andy and
Daren had known each other for years.  "Hey Daren they have a Fishing tournement down at Hippylili lake, wanna go?"
"Sure", he said as he was drinking a tall glass of lemonade.  When Daren had gotten his fishing pole and hooks he and
Andy went out and drove out to hippylili lake.When they got there they sat on the old moist log behind some large
trees."We'll never catch any Whoppers here""Yea lets go sit next to those tall gentlemen in the blue jakets."Said
Daren."Hello men fishing I see"he said.The man grumbled and turned his head in then other dierection."Well a lovely day
for fishing right?"The man turned his head and looked right at Daren."Excuse me sir...Before Daren could finish the man
abruptedly screamed and said "Why the heck are you talking to me!!!!""Sorry I"Man get out before
I like call the cops!!""ok sir."Daren backed away scared."andy lets go."Andy took Daren to sit on the moist log
again."Well we won't catch anything but we can fish!"He said.Andy sighed and threw out his line and waited for at least
a minnow to bite.Time passed as the 2 men waited on log.Then there was a tug on Daren's line "Hey andy I think um...The
line raced across the water splashing dripplets of water on pepole."Andy!"When andy saw Darens line he immedeatly
started yelling pull pull!Daren pulled the line.A giant fish the size of a car motor poped out of the water.Everyone
clapped."Lets see you beat a pro like my friend here!" Andy yelled at the man with the blue jaket."Yoyu wanna bet kid?" 
"Yea"said Andy."Fine then we will have a contest on Saturday Be there or else!".
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  cooldude — Page created: 12 February 2007
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CutiePieGirl95 says:   12 February 2007   839979  
that was kinda weird...........NO OFFENCE AT ALLLLL THO
CookieDough says:   12 February 2007   636223  
It was okay. But it kinda didn't make any sense how his wife could have a baby and
12 years later the baby gets married. Wouldn't he only be 12 years old?
fuzzypickle44 says:   14 February 2007   496223  
No The wife had the baby then 4 years later the mom died.12 years after that the
baby got married and moved to Florida!
fuzzypickle44 sings:   14 February 2007   313357  
I love this story countinue writing!!!
tweetypet2 says:   23 February 2007   428797  
omg that was the coolest short story that i have ever read keep on writing.

R U Matt Wolf from the Naked Brothers Band?
cooldude says :   9 April 2007   361542  
Yes I swear. That rosilina crap aint true!
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