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Poems by yours truly

World of Glass

A world
So simple....
So beautiful....
So lost....
Why must you ask
When I have nothing to say?
Why must you look
When I have nothing to show you?
Why must my smile
Be plastic?
It's not.
It's glass.
You could see through it
Were you to try
But you can only glimpse the surface
Reach for a glass smile
Only for your fingers to shatter it
So I will wait for someone who can see past
My glass smiles
Not shatter
And see
A world...
So simple...
So beautiful...
So lost...
I will wait for it
But only....
By the right eyes...
To see.   

Within My Eclips 

Forever i run
Fleeing from nothing
From everything
From myself
for the demon that lurked meerly in my darkened dreams 
within my shattered soul 
now huants me
when the light stings my eyes. 

some take pleasure in the light 
they take joy from its brilliance
and are able to trust all 

and some dewll in the dark 
they take confort form its cold solitud 
and only burden themselved 
with there own trust 

but when i have been betrayed by myself... well as others 
when the darkenss refuses to confind me
and the light burns me.....
where, then, do i truly belong? 
in this Eclips? 
where the light burns beyond my reach
and the darkness lurks 
in places everyone but i can find? 
this is the question i wait of....
wait for the wind to whisper to me...
no one can save me....
I Am Lost
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‹Ella ★› says:   21 May 2010   581576  
Use spell check.
cobalt_angel11 says :   22 May 2010   565851  
*sigh* yeah i should.....

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