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Black Feather

Founder: ‹Moi‚ÜíNerd is in Despair›
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Since 14 April 2009

The Story So far: A vampire clan, called the Vampakyas. Well, the main clan is the Vampakyas. They live on a secluded
island, and their leader will take in other members of other clans and people who have no clan. Sometimes the more
xenophobic members of the clan reject them, and they will never become a true Vampakya, but it is known as a refuge for
Note: Some places are impossible for those without Vampakya blood (two Vampakya/half-Vampakya parents) to enter.

There are some rules, but not like 'you have to have 42 1/2 letters per post, no more, no less' kinda crap.
Rules so far:
1: You must be an alright RPer, e.g. you don't RP with asterisks, you use descriptors
(adjectives) and you don't god mod etc., although if you're new it's okay.
2: Be detailed. its' more fun when you can imagine it. :]
3: RPers must be nice to each other. Anyone caught being catty or calling another
player's char stupid etc. will have any posts they make deleted for the next week.
4. when your chars are talking use "  " marks (quotation marks) so we won't get confused.
5: If you use more then 3 pics, paste them into paint/photoshop/whatever and make them
into one picture. Don't use very big pics.
6: No yelling (caps)
7: Don't be a bitch.
8: No rule breaking.
9: No abuse of power.
10: no immortals.
11: No Mary-sues, or Gary-Stus.
12: Your account will be checked for spam and cyber, and if anyone has had really
bad experiences with you, no chance!
13: no cybering xD
14: Do not talk about /b/.

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