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Skulls and Fangs: Dark RP Club

Founder: ‹♥Vampiric Love♥›
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Since 2 January 2011

Here you can be any dark creature you want. Here's some examples:

Humans: Just you're average human beings. Some humans may have psychic powers

Vampires: The famous bloodsuckers. Complete with pale skin, fangs, immortality, and an unquenchable thirst. No sparkling

Werewolves: By day a man, by the moon a beast. Lengthened lifespan, all the lovely features of a wolf. This guys are
beasts, in more than one way lol. They can change full wolf or half man half wolf.

Mutants: The mix between a vampire and a werewolf. Humans beware.

Pirates: Kings of the sea. Excellent sword fighters with wonderful battle sense. Always ready for adventure, and

Vampirates: "Well if pirates are bad
                      and vampires are worse
                      Then I pray, that as long as I be,
                      that though I sing of Vampirates,
                      I never one shall I see."

Wizards: Wielders of all magic. They control the elements.

Zombies: The dead rise to feed upon your brains. Some of these have actually gained the ability to think and wish for

You may use one of these or create your own.
Have fun! ^,..,^

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