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Since 3 June 2007

Welcome to The Center! The Center (formerly known as Salon PolitiKo) is a place for civilized discussion of a broad range of topics of concern to persons of all ages and backgrounds. It is also a place to come to get counseling for serious problems or situations that you may be facing. The following areas indicate the focus of the club:
Politics & International Relations: Discuss all aspects and events of foreign, domestic, international relations and politics Religion, Faith & Spirtuality Discuss Major World Religions and also New Religious Movements, Cults, and various aspects of religion, worship, spirituality, and faith etc. I want to encourage all persons of faith (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) to join, I know there are a lot of religious clubs already and thats good. I also want to encourage, sceptics, atheists, agnostics, etc. to join as well. Cultural & Language Cooperation Want to learn a language? Want to teach or tutor a language? Want to learn about another culture or share your own? Feel free to post an "ad" about what you want or are looking for. Global & Personal Issues Discuss such topics as Animal Rights, Vegetarianism/Veganism, the Environment & Ecology Death, Grief & Suicide Due to the closure of the DGS club, these topics of a personal, but universal nature, will now be folded into The Center as a place fitting for them. Peer Counselors, Advisors & Mentors Please feel free to volunteer as one of the above positions or to avail yourself of these services. (more about these positions will be elaborated within the club) Kupikians For Causes (KFC) Also known as the "Krazy Chickens" is a group of Kupikians motivated to act or champion various designated "causes" whether big or small. Counseling Group counseling via open discussion. Such topics such as sexual molestation, rape, abuse, depression, eating disorders, etc. are welcome. If you wish to remain anonymous you can do this in two ways. The simplest for complete anonymity is to create a new Kupika acct solely for this purpose to use within the club. The second is to message me privately and I can post your situation/comments. Additionaly, I am not a professional, but I am older, experienced and somewhat wise. So if you want to message me privately on any of these kinds of matters please feel free. I respect your confidentiality and will try to counsel you as best as I can. - Eduardo On a more public but still confidential basis, you can also write me a "Dear Eddie" letter for my advice column that appears in my diary, if you just want some one-time advice. ...............................
CLUB POLICIES The Golden Rule We have a policy of tolerance of different points of view and a general policy of respecting all club members. Grossly disrespecting club members will get you booted. Off-Topic Posts & Comments All Off-Topic (meaning for the club) posts/comments will be summarily deleted or moved at the moderators/my discretion Porn/Highly Offensive Posts Will be deleted as encountered and your membership revoked in my sole discretion. (There are other clubs for that kind of activity.) Purges Deleted and Inactive Accts (those who haven't logged into Kupika in last 4 months) will be purged occassionally. If you have been inactive and your membership purged you will need to reapply.
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