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♥The Sakura Fanclub

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Since 11 December 2007

Irashimasu ♥

This club has been created for fans of Sakura. There are few fans, but I'm looking for those few to join. It has been
created for the discussion of her character, her future in naruto etc.
Please show consideration and be respectful to others.

Remember, this is a club for people who admire the character Sakura, or something about her. Not how bad her voice dub
is. Okay? >.<

Comments that have absoutely nothing to do with the discussions will not be tolerated, for example:

*grows angel wings and has golen eyes and sharp fangs* sakura sucks! i'll kill her

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So would a lot of people. But it has no place here. Go post that in your journal or in a message or something. I don't
really care. D:

Rules for those who do join: 

No cybering
No personal info sharing(Send a message pwease)

You can do pretty much everything else here. 


Have fun.

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