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Pucca Club

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Since 26 October 2007

Welcome to Pucca Club!


Hello! Welcome to Pucca Club!

This is a club for all the fans of Pucca. You can be a fan of the Flash animations, the show on Jetix or even just the
Pucca design. If you want to join, please do and remember to have fun!

This club was created October 25th 2007.

News about Pucca and the club!


This is the news section. Here is all the latest news and updates about the club and Pucca.

2/20/08 1:24AM
Happy New Year everyone! New Pucca episode comes on on March 3rd. Be sure to watch!

11/24/07 5:04PM
Happy late Thanksgiving! N00b Ninja status has been changed to Ninja!

11/14/07 7:06PM
New question added. Older question removed. Also, remember to join hitsugayalover's Pucca Avatar Contest! Check the
forum for details! ♥

11/11/07 1:42PM
New questions added!

11/8/07 8:49PM
New positions and questions added!

11/6/07 6:46PM
Question edited and new site added to the "fun" section!

11/1/07 1:01PM
New questions added!

10/31/07 11:55PM
Happy Halloween !!! Here are some treats for you: 15+ episodes have been added to the "FUN" section and a new section
has been added: QUESTIONS! Also, as an extra, watch some MST3K! Here are a few for you: 1, 2, 3. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!! ♥

10/28/07 3:34AM
New positions added! For more info, check under the "rules" section.

10/26/07 2:46PM
New episodes added!

10/26/07 1:48AM
Pucca Club is opened!

Oh... don't you hate rules? Well,
there's only a little bit, please follow them! Just be nice!


We do have a few rules, so please keep them in mind! There aren't many, so it's easy to remember and understand them.

1. Don't fight or personally attack another member. We are here to have fun!

2. Respect others' opinions. You are free to say you disagree, but do so maturely!

3. Have fun! ^_^

Please follow the rules so we can all have a pleasant time here. =^_^=

And NO, you don't have to post in the forums to join! You are not required to participate in forums/contests or
anything else to join (though it could be fun ;D). You can just join because you like Pucca. There are no requirements!


Do you want to know how positions involving forum statuses work? For example, why does it say "Mio" underneath your name
when you post in the forums? Well, instead of using the basic "newbie" or "regular poster" sort of statuses here, we use
Pucca-themed ones. ♥

Here's how it goes (subject to change at any time):

Original - 100+ posts.
Pucca - 70+ posts.
Garu - 60+ posts.
Tobe - 50+ posts.
Abyo - 40+ posts.
Ring-Ring - 30+ posts.
Ching - 20+ posts.
Mio - 1+ posts.
Ninja - no posts.

Original means that you can tell me what you want (via message or on the forum) underneath your name. Meaning you can
choose your own title. Please don't ask for an original title if you haven't met the requirements. Thank you! 

Higher Positions

If you reach over 100 posts (that's great!) and you don't want to have your original title, here are some new positions
that you can obtain by being VERY active. And to achieve these titles, your post count must be the required number of
posts -- NOT including spam! This means if you have 400 posts, and want to obtain a higher position, your post count
must be 400 even WITHOUT the spam posts (you are still allowed to spam in the designated post, however, which is for
just chattering or whatever).

Mistress (female) - 200+ posts.
Bruce (male) - 200+ posts.
Pretty Yani - 300+ posts.
Ninja of Darkness - 400+ posts.
Noodle Girl (female) - 500+ posts.
Shirtless Avenger (male) - 500+ posts.
Evil Ching - 600+ posts.
Doga - 700+ posts.
Wicked Pucca - 800+ posts.

Yes, I know this requires a lot of posts. However, the other positions are quite easy to obtain if you post enough and,
in order to keep it a challenge, new positions were added that require you to have lots of posts that do NOT include
your spam.

You are allowed to spam ONLY in the designated spam topics!

If you're wondering who the new people are in the higher positions, I have added a question regarding that in the
"Questions" section. Have fun!

Fun things! Info, episodes and more!


Want to know more about Pucca? Watch the show or the Flash animations? We have compiled lots of places where you can
find Pucca-related fun things to do! If you have more links to add, message Ren (sugartastic)!

 Pucca Animation

Pucca Club: Go here for the main site of Pucca. It contains (nearly) all
Flash animations if you click 'amusement'.
Pucca Club KOREAN: Pucca website above in Korean. Includes things the English
site doesn't have. (And don't worry, there's no speaking in the animations, so even if you don't speak Korean, you'll
understand them.)
Pucca Club FRENCH: Pucca in French. Contains other things not found in the other

Pucca on JETIX: Official Site: The official English site of the show
on Jetix. Contains games, information on characters and more!

JETIX Series:
Flower Power
Slam Bam Birthday Bash
Treasure of the Comfy Sofa
Ping Pong

Pucca Funny Love Stories:
Episode 1: Present
Episode 2: Fight on the Boat
Episode 3: Contact
Episode 4: Wanted + Defense
Episode 5: Mission
Episode 6: Papero-Day + Take My Heart
Episode 7: Dream + Harvest
Episode 8: In the Bamboo Fields + Mistake
Episode 9: Garu's Other + Contact 2
Episode 10: Mission 2
Episode 11: White Day + Swing
Episode 12: Summer Story
Episode 13: The Rival
Episode 14: Caught in the Rain
Episode 15: Hottest Fighter ABYO
Episode 16: The Ring + Look At Me

The Photo
Fragrance of Spring

 Pucca Music Video

Here are music videos for Pucca that I like. I hope you like them too. ^_^ Some of them are funny.

Abyo -- Kung Fu Fighting
Garu and Abyo -- Year 3000

 Pucca Fanart

Pucca at
deviantART: Lots of Pucca fanart on deviantART, an art community.

 Basic Info

Here is all the information about Pucca (the series, etc) if you'd like to know.

Remember -- Pucca comes on Monday through Thursday at 7:30PM, and during the weekend at 4:00PM and 8:30PM on Jetix.

Pucca is a ten-year-old girl who loves Garu, a ninja, but he doesn't seem to like her much. The show is all about the
fun she has with friends and the way she always attacks Garu.

 Pucca: Born July 7th. A ten-year-old
girl who can be violent but loves the ninja Garu more than anything.

 Garu: Born December 2nd. A
twelve-year-old ninja boy who never speaks. Pucca loves him, but he doesn't return her affection and usually just wants
to train.

 Abyo: Birthday unknown. Age, around
Garu's. An excitable Kung-Fu fighter who is Garu's best friend. Ching likes him.

 Ching: Birthday unknown. Age, around
Pucca's. She is Pucca's best friend and is very sweet. She has a chicken on her head and she loves Abyo.

 Tobe: Birthday unknown. Age, either 13
or 20. Garu's rival and a villain. He's a ninja and wants to defeat Garu for some reason. Jing-Jing loves him.

 Vagabond Ninjas: Consists of Jing-Jing,
Clown, and Shaman, all ages and birthdays unknown. They are gypsy crooks and aren't very good at being evil. Jing-Jing
is the female leader and loves Tobe. Clown was kicked out of the circus for not being able to laugh, and Shaman can do

 Ring Ring: A mean girl who is jealous
of Pucca. She uses her hair as a weapon and sings opera.

That's it... if you have more to add, please message sugartastic and let her know!

You have questions? Let me


Here is the section where I answer questions. If you have questions about this club or anything related to Pucca, let me
know! This includes questions, comments, suggestions for the club, ideas, anything new about Pucca we haven't updated
here (especially episodes!) or anything else you can think of. I'd love to hear from you. ^_^ You may message me on my
account -- sugartastic.

Can I join?
Of course. Anyone can. Just request to join and I'll approve you.

Can I discuss anything not related to Pucca in the forums?
Well, this is a Pucca-related club. You may discuss something related to Pucca, but if someone talks to you and
the topic trails away from Pucca, that's fine.

Where can I contact you? Do you have a Neopets/deviantART/etc account?
You can simply message me. I do have a Neopets account, it's kittykat2870. You can contact me there if you want. I never
use my deviantART account anymore -- I forgot the password. I play Gaia, too, I'm o0 Lydia 0o, you can also contact me
there. My e-mail is xkittypiex@gmail.com if you'd like to e-mail me. I don't use AIM at the moment, sorry.

You didn't reply! Is there anyone else I can contact?
My two sisters can be of help if you need something. They are Doo and Mewmewkitten. Feel free to contact them, tell them
I told you that you can. :P

What channel does Pucca come on?
Pucca comes on JETIX. It's an extra channel, if you don't have it you can ask your cable company about it. It comes on
at 7:30PM on weekdays (except Friday) and about 4:30PM and 8:00PM on weekends, I think.

Arrrghh! Someone just called me a (insert insult here) on the forums! Can you ban them... forever?
Sorry, I can't ban them forever, but if they continue harassing you or if you see them harassing someone else, they will
be warned. If they continue this further I will ban them from the club. Let me know if someone is bothering you so I can
take care of it. 

I have a contest idea!
That's great~! Post it on the forums. Or tell me. I'd love ideas. I really appreciate it.

What's with the positions thing? I want to be PUCCA on the forums, not Abyo! I HATE ABYO! *foams excessively*
That's how it is at the moment. My apologies. @_@; (Oh, and Abyo is awesome.)

Gimme KupiPoints!

How old is (insert character name here)?
Sorry, I only know how old Pucca and Garu are for sure. The others, I have no idea...

Can I ask you personal questions?

What is this MST3K thing you spoke of on Halloween?
Oh, that's a show I like. I only mentioned it because it was Halloween and I thought it would be a sort of treat for
those who haven't saw the coolness to see it. It's a show about a guy and two robots who make fun of really bad movies.
It's quite funny. I think you'd enjoy it. ♥ It's one of my favorite shows ever.

I found an episode you don't have yet!
Ooh! I would love you to death if you let me know and gave me the link so I can post it. There's lots of episodes I
haven't found. If you find ANY -- Flash or the TV show or whatever -- tell me! I will give you virtual cookies. :3

Is Doga a boy or a girl?
According to the official JETIX site for the English cartoon, Doga is female. However, other sources imply that Doga is
male. I'm not sure yet, but I believe Doga is female.

Is Chang really Ching's dad?
Yes. :D I mean, look at their names! They go together. And Bruce -- the cop -- is Abyo's dad.

Garu looks like Rock Lee!
Haha, wait until you see Abyo. He's like an exact copy of him. Poor Garu. 

Is Abyo a ninja?
Abyo is a martial arts fighter. You know, kung fu! He doesn't do ninja things.

Why doesn't Pucca or Garu talk?
I don't know why Pucca doesn't speak. Garu doesn't talk because he took a vow of silence (it's a ninja thing XD). So he
only makes sounds sometimes. Pucca sings really good, though!

Is Tobe 13 or 20 years old?
I'm not sure about this. I think he's 13 because it says he's a bit older than Garu. He SOUNDS like a 20-year-old but it
wouldn't make sense for an adult to be attacking a kid like Garu, so I'm guessing he's about 13.

Who are those three ninja group people?
They are Jing-Jing (Chief), Clown and Shaman. They are a gypsy trio that try to do bad things. Clown was kicked out of
the circus for not being able to laugh. They usually have bad luck. Chief is the only female and is the leader. Shaman
uses magic and is pretty creepy.

Where are Pucca/Garu/Tobe/Ring-Ring/anyone's parents?
As far as I know, that information was never revealed. XD Pucca lives in the noodle shop and Garu lives by himself. I
don't know about either of their parents. Tobe lives with his ninjas and I don't know who his parents are either. I
don't know much about Ring-Ring or even where she lives, so I don't know about her parents. This goes for all the rest,
except Abyo and Ching, whose parents are Chang and Bruce. I don't know who is Ching's mom or Abyo's mom. Maybe one day
we'll know! :3

Who are the new characters in the Higher Positions section?
Okay, these characters are mainly in the Pucca JETIX series. So if you watch the cartoon, you'll know who they are.
Mistress is one of the geisha mistresses that accompany Master Soo in the series. Bruce is Sooga's police
officer and Abyo's father. Yani is a pink cat that the black one, Mio, loves. Ninja of Darkness is just
another form of a ninja. Noodle Girl is Pucca's superhero form. Shirtless Avenger is Abyo, dressed as a
superhero. Evil Ching is the evil version of Ching in an episode where Doga's sock attaches itself to her
clothes, turning her evil and mean the entire episode. Doga is an evil girl (or boy) who is wicked and everyone
is afraid of her. She's evil and has a rude personality. Wicked Pucca was featured very shortly in the episode
where Ching is evil. She is a possessed version of Pucca who growls and hisses and whose eyes turn green... she's at the
top because she was an awesome version of the normal Pucca.

Is spam allowed in the forums?
Spam is allowed ONLY in the designated areas.

What are the "designated areas" to spam?
These are topics created by either me or any member. The topic must include some "spam" somewhere in the title in order
to let everyone know that it's okay to spam there. You may talk there or say anything random if you're bored. Keep spam
in those areas only.

What kind of behavior results in a ban?
There are a few things you can do that will make me kick you out of Pucca Club. This includes -- and you should know
this -- fighting, flaming, being a troll (a troll is someone who makes people mad just for fun), personal attacks and
threats. Basically, don't be a jerk. Don't fight. You can disagree on things, but do so in a mature way. Don't threaten
someone if their opinion differs from your own.

Are there any contests in this club?
Yes. If you visit our forums, you can check out the newest contests. These can range from avatar contests (using Gaia
avatars), drawing contests, writing contests and more! These contests are often run by the members. If you want to start
a contest, make sure you state the rules!

What do you get if you win a contest?
That depends. Whoever is running the contest will let you know what prizes you will get if you win. These usually
involve KupiPoints or an art request, or even both! So be sure to participate.

AAAAAHHH!!! I reached (insert number) of posts, and I still haven't been changed to (insert character name here)!
When the (insert expletive here) will you change me?!
If I haven't changed you yet, it's probably because I'm very busy or you reached that number of posts very fast (for
example, by using the spam board and going up 20 posts in five minutes). If you want to be changed and I haven't done
it, remind me by sending me a message. =^_^=

I made a Pucca oekaki! Will you look at it?
Of course! I love Pucca art. ♥ If you made any Pucca-related art, you can tell us on the "Pucca Oekaki Page!"
thread in the forums. We'd love to see it.

I reached a new character position because I posted a lot, but I want to go back to the other character I was! Can I
do that?
If you reached a new character position by posting more but want to go back to a character you were previously, this IS
allowed. Just let me know! But remember, you must have posted enough to be that character.

I don't want an original title. Is this okay?
That's fine. If you want to just stay a Pucca character, then tell me. ♥

Can I ask questions on the forum?
You sure can. Ask away.

Are we allowed to say our opinions?
Of course you are! What kind of club would we be if we denied you of your freedom of speech? ;3 You can say you hate
something, love something or whatever! The only rule for this is that I want you to be mature. If someone says they love
something that you don't, you can tell them. But please don't be incredibly rude about it (example: I hate that song!
You're an idiot for listening to it! I'm going to tase you! *gets out taser*). But yeah, speak freely but do so in a
mature way.

Have any more questions? Message me or any of my sisters. Thank you. ♥

 Have fun and enjoy your stay at
Pucca Club! 

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