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۞Poems Are My Passion۞

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Since 13 July 2009

This is a poetry club. Join if you are a serious poet, or if you just like writing for fun. Whatever you are, we will acept you. Rules~ *Check over spelling before you post so we know what you are saying~ *Do not curse unless it is in a poem~ *When you comment on other people's poems, make it worthwhile. No 'It was good', or 'Awesome!'. Please tell the person what you liked about it, what they could do better, etc.~ *Participate. You don't have to post poems every day, because I realize that with writing poetry, sometimes you have to be in the mood. So you may post a poem whnever you feel. But, if you simply do nothing for a long time, I shall message you about it with two options: Contribute, or leave.~ Please note that in this club, there is no 'Roses are red, violets are blue. . .'. Write something that speaks to others. Just because you're writing 'just for fun', does not mean you have to write nursery ryhmes. Thank you, and I sincerely hope you join! ~H.K.~ The following poetry is written by members of the club.
War By harrypotterloverforever11 A family seperates world war 3 begins love and hate collides red and red in diferent ways The world ends what a shock.
By FantasyTime Why does love hurt so much, Even if you're so in love, The pain will never subside, It doesn't matter how much you cry. Why does Life continue on, Always dragging you along, I'm afraid of death; afraid to die, But I really don't want to live this lie. Why can't I be with him, Even though I want to, Why can't I see his face; hear him say "I love you"?
Queen of Hearts By lunasan Accomplishment She made it It's done Sent as "the One" It was finished Every last line Every sonnet Every rhyme Every break Her book of poetry Her work of art Her way to escape Her ink heart All with her name All of the cards Set up to her game and she, the Queen of Hearts
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