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The School of Fun!

Founder: ‹Naita›
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Since 5 December 2007

Hello! This is the School of Fun, the school of Friendvill. You may sign up here, or, sign up at
This is a school where I make class rooms, but, if you be nice and stay here long enough, you can make your own! You can
make a topic about your own room, becuse this is a night out school, where you can have your own room, NOT a whole
house. This a fun school, as you see in the name ^^, and teachers actually teach you. This school is not only about
teaching, but fun, too. but there is 10 rules you have to obey.
One rule disobeyed, and detention for you. Two rules disobeyed, and there is a big detention, and you are not allowed to
chat, and spend lots of time being asked questions in detention. But, three rules disobeyed, and you will be kicked out
of the school!!! Here are the rules. They are not in a specific order, okay?

1. NO Mature stuff like gays, lezbians, bisexuals, sexy stuff and cybering! You will get kicked out right away if you
do any of these!!!
2. No being mean! Be nice! Treat others with respect, especially the teachers!
3. No nasty swear words! This will also get you kicked out if you do it one time!!!!
4. Don't use pictures of your real room for your school room!!! Just pretend!
5. Don't make your signature too big. It takes up a lot of space.
4. Try your best to make yourself understandable. Its hrd too udrstnd tis cid of ritn. 
5. Don't push your veiws on other people. This is a just for fun club, not a debate club.
6. If you are a teacher, please chat in the teachers lounge.
7. Students, please do not go crazy in classrooms. This is a place for learning, not yelling.
8. No bloody, gay, disquisting pictures! Your rule maximum will get lowered to 2 disobeyances untill you get kicked
9. Please don't put pictures for avertising for clubs and stuff like that.
10. Please don't put meaningless comments or topics on.

Please follow those rules. 

Okay! Now, you need to see the members and me! First you need to see the school. 

The School:

Photo Sharing
and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIt has lots of rooms for you!

Now here is everything else!!!!

The Principal:

Call me: Mrs. Bower

Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Call her: Ms. Chema

Call her: Jupitar Siense


Call her: Ms. Bruneus
Guidance Counselar

Call her: Giggles 'O' Malley

anime girl painting


Call her:Sakura

Anime Cute Girl in School

Call her: Kim

light brown hair brown eyes anime girl

Call her:

Call her: Elsie

Call her: Mya

Girl at a wall

Call her:

Call her:

Call her:

Call her: Rain

Call him:

Call her:

Ok!! You convinced? I hope so! Have fun every body!!! And yes, there is a recess room.

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