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Oekaki Blackboard

Founder: Kyun_yo
Members: 75
383 topics
Since 10 July 2009

Ever tired of receiving comments in which people just say: "That's awesome!" or "Cool" or any of the useless comments?

Ever feel like your art is under appreciated?

Do you ever feel like you want to improve but don't know how? 

Well you found the right place. 

At Oekaki Blackboard:

we aim to try to give a detailed analysis as well as a quality criticism or comment on your art.
- We don't give two worded comments or crits; we give evidence behind our opinions. We make our comments meaningful. 

you can discuss about different manga styles and discover how to draw as that
- Because everyone wants to constantly improve, we help them improve

you can ask questions about art, perhaps if you don't understand how to do a certain thing, we will surely try our
best to answer your questions.
- Again we try to help people improve. 


General Rules:

1. no spamming
It's a no-spam zone. If I see anything which is like that you will be warned; if I catch you again, you're out of the

2. no one worded posts; you must at least have three sentences in your posts
If you don't have anything to say except "Cool" or something along the lines of that, don't bother to post. We are
looking for well-educated posts. 


We don't want a comment like: 
"that's a reall cool oekaki." 

We want comments that are like: 
"I really like this piece, it's calming and the colors give off a warm glow. I especially like the eyes and how you made
it shiny. " 

3. proper grammar and spelling please 
No chatspeak. How hard is it to type normally and grammatically? I'm sure everyone has at least went to school and have
taken English courses (of course it's mandatory). 

I excuse typos, but make sure it doesn't happen too often. It's not for the sake of this club, but sound intelligent so
we can find it easier to respect you and your opinions. 

4. Respect people's opinions
Sometimes when people point out things about your/someone's art you feel as if you are offended. Don't forget that this
place is to help you improve. Hard constructive criticism will come your way. 

5. No flaming
Much different from 'constructive criticism, flaming is openly bashing someone or their art. This place is to help build
people, but not tear them down. 

Some people cannot see the difference between the two. When someone sees bashing just ignore the person and continue on.

This is what bashing is: 
"This art really sucks. I swear, a four-year old on Jupiter can draw better than this crap. Seriously! What is this
piece of shit? It's like you didn't even give any effort into it!" 

This is what hard constructive criticism is: 
"There are amny things that are wrong with this picture. For one the hand is out of proportion; instead of drawing it at
that angle you should have made it tilt a bit further. The eyes are spaced too close to each other so next time you
should make sure that the eyes are in it's proper place." 

6.Leave personal matters out of this place
We want to improve and we want to help people improve; we don't want people to come in here and say things that are way
too personal. 

This whole site is supposed to be anonymous, so we don't want any drama or personal matter to arise in this club. 

7. Have fun!
This place is meant to be a laid back place with everyone helping another. We don't want to put on a strict air about
this club. So be friendly! 

I'll add more rules when I see to it. 

Must read rules: 

Rules of Posting Art
How to Give C&C


If you wish to join you must either: 

a) be an artist that wishes to improve
b) be someone that wants to help people improve
c) want to give constructive criticism/ detailed comments. 

I will send you a message if you do not seem like you meet the standards.

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