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Grigori (RP)

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Since 4 July 2016

The year is 3900 and all of the last drops of oil has dried up without able to replenish. The modern world is depending on a new source of energy to power their extravagent lifestyles and technology. These new sources of energy are constellations, celestial beings taken from their sky above and held captive to be drained of their lives energy. Captured by these humans who have begun to trick the stars into taking a human form, a constellation is collared with a slick device and unable to use it's energy to break free. They would have need of the master passcode in order to unlock the device around them. Stars are being picked from their homes in the sky one by one. Strong masters are taming weak stars. And the weak stars are calling to the stronger 'parent' stars for help. Meanwhile, the rich are paying high sums of gold for stars to light their cities and other high tech luxuries. The bounty hunters who catch the stars are always facing a a deadly job. Not just because even weak stars are very powerful, but the radiation from being exposed to a raw star makes them deadly sick. This makes star hunters scarce and far inbetween. Only a few humans are willing to take this risk. Almost all of the time if you catch your first star you would contract serious radiation poisoning and you will certainly die within weeks. The few star catchers who live to catch more than one star during their lifetime are legends and paid high sums of money for their bounties. But the hunters are being hunted by the remaining constellations in the sky, making it harder and harder to survive a trek.

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