Anticyber: the association against perverted posts and whores and
cyber freaks
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Anticyber: the association against perverted posts and whores and
cyber freaks

Founder: ‹--tell×me×why--›
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Since 30 May 2012

Anyone and everyone against perverts and whores on kupika can join. I am sick and tired of seeing ads and banners of 40
year old men posting they wanna get some 16 year old pussy! Then there's also the 12-17 women who post things like how
they got big boobs and love cum. Secondly, as to the posts of "I'm a horny lesbian" from 12 year olds. You're 12, how do
you know what you are whether it be lesbian or not? Seriously! And you shouldn't be looking to cyber anyway. YOU'RE A
CHILD!! Young women should be out having fun (non-perverted), going out with your friends, getting a bf/gf. Not on the
internet posting how horny you are. That's what prostitutes are for. 
Young women have a chance to be something great; like a doctor or a lawyer, but what do they do? They spend their spare
time going on the computer and making themselves jailbate for 45 year old sweaty old men to find them and hurt them. 
As to the males between 12-17 of the horny region, havent you ever hear of Playboy? Get a magazine or a porno movie.
STOP ASKING THESE YOUNG WOMEN TO CYBER!! We shouldnt victimize them and encourage them into the dirty, perverse world of
what the internet is today. We should take care of them like REAL men. There are real women out in the real world
waiting for a great guy to sweep them off their feet. BE THE BROOM!! I believe that women should be adored, not sucked
into a world of porno and 13-year-old moms. Whatever happened to finding a girl and taking her to the movies? Cant you
just get a gf/bf like real people? 
And of course, then there's the assholes. Men who have girlfriends but go out with other women and cheating on them.
What kind of a lowlife are you? Your don't deserve her! You have a great girlfriend you loves you, and your out baggin'
whores. What kind of  man are you? I'll tell you - YOURE NOT A MAN. YOURE SICK. YOU DON'T DESERVE HER. YOU SHOULD BE
And you know what? Anybody like this makes me sick. You can all go to hell. 

But it's not to late to turn around. Join this club if youre somebody against all that like I am, or if your somebody
who is/has been in a situation like this. It's never to late to stop cybering. 


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