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The Anime Hotel

Founder: rainydays
Members: 8
10 topics
Since 6 January 2008

Hello there and welcome to The Anime Hotel! Really simple here, just get an anime character for yourself (a picture or
something) and put it in your signature, as long as it isn't huge! You don't know how annoying it is when someone put
giant pictures in the their posts! Then you can start having fun!!! <--The exclamation marks! That's very important.
Each topic is something different: a game room, kareoke room, cafe...and you can even make your own room the your
character lives in! Isn't that awesome???  Anyway, why did I make this club? Um...I don't know. Latley I've gotten
better at drawing anime so I guess I liek it more now. If that makes sense. Which it probably doesn't. 
Join now!

So, as I said before, welcome to The Anime Hotel!

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