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Academy of the Lost

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Since 10 July 2010

In the club, you have done terrible things in your past life. One day, you find that when you walk into a certain
place, favored by you, you feel nothing and find you are looking at the Academy of the Lost. No one can resist the urge
to go inside, but once they do, they never come out, even if they never know it. 
After exploring, some students have found a few options to finally be free from the Academy. What they don't know,
though, is that they can go to the Outside World, but they will always return at least once a week to the Academy. That
is a spell on the Academy that can never be broken, no matter how much God and the Devil would try to break it. The
spell can never go away, even if the students find their way out of the Academy. They can get out, but they will always

The students have spent too much time out of the Academy at once... and have been returned. Unless they fight even
harder than before, they have no chance to get out within... about 100-200 years. With a few of the students dead twice,
they must now realise what this fight is all about... And how they will seal their fates, already in a second life, to
make them livable.


1) No one line posts :L
2) Try to have fun!!!
3) Fights in the RP are fine :3
4) Don't intentionally piss other people off unless its in the RP T_T"
5) Respect the rules :D
6) Wait for me to approve your character before you start roleplaying
7) You MUST read the directions for certain scenes (i.e. the academy party)

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