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Cross Academy

Founder: xX_Kiba_Of_Darkness_Xx
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Since 18 December 2011

Welcome to Cross Academy. Here is our school's information. 

Day Class:
- Most members should be part of day class
- Cannot have any characters from the anime
- They should be a fan of at least one person from night class
- Don't know about Night Class being vampires unless their part of disciplinary committee

Night Class:
- limited. Only allowing 12 members from Night class
- Mostly men. A few girls (its because most of the fans are fan girls and they obsess over the guys)
- ALL of night class must be gorgeous
- Cannot have any characters from the anime

- Cannot have any characters from the anime
- Very few of them. Even less then night class. About 5.
- They must have a weapon that has a spell on it to kill vampires with since vampires cannot die unless you sever their
head or kill them with a "special" weapon in which has a spell on it so the vampire cannot heal from the wound.
- Must ask me first

Disciplinary committee
- Only 2
- Part of day class but knows about vampires (Can be from Day class and part of disciplinary committee at the same
- Good story about their past that explains why they are a part of it and how they know about vampires
- Must protect the vampires secret and if any human finds out have the Headmaster erase their memories
- They must ask me first to be part of the Disciplinary committee
- Must have a weapon like Yuki's artemis rod or Zero's bloody rose gun.

Night Class:
1. Luka Leon (Yuuka_Ren)
2. Emily Ai (xX_Kiba_Of_Darkness_Xx)
3. Satsuriku Tenshi (Torri_IsLegitLikeOhShit)
4. Shi Densetsurao (Rena9000)
5. Dante (xX_Kiba_Of_Darkness_Xx)


Disciplinary Committee:
1. Luna Childs (Tailslover)

Female day class:
Female Night class:
Male Day class:
Male night class uniform:

Those are pretty much the basic uniforms for males and females of night class and day class. You may edit them however
you please. Maybe you'd like to look baggy and not like any aristocrat or whatever. Or maybe perfectly straight clothing
and looking smexy. Idk how to word it but hopefully you get the point. Now onto Character Creations

Character Creation:
Name: What is their name? Try to have a last name. If you can't think of one I will allow you to have one from Vampire
Knight but try being creative.
Age: How old are they? Human age only(14 to 18 I guess would be a good range)
Class(Vampire only): Level A to level E. Will talk about vampire classes later.
Affiliation: (ex) Cross Academy, Day class, third year. Or for a vampire: Cross Academy, Night Class. You get the point

Grades: What are their grades like. Poor, average. excellent, etc.
Respects: Who do they respect. If its from Day class maybe they respect their friend or someone from night class.
Fan of(Day class only): Who are they a fan of. Who would they like to go out with it but know Night class are out of
their league.
Weapon(only for hunters and disciplinary committee): Hunters have weapons to kill vampires and disciplinary committee
have weapons to make sure Night class stay in line. They also have them just in case level E vampires attack.
Abilities(Vampire only): All vampires have a type of ability like Aido which can freeze air particles and can freeze
enemies to moisture in the air. Or maybe like Seiren who can turn any part of her body into a weapon. Her arm can become
so sharp it easily rips open human skin. Things like that. Be creative!
Past(You can do it for any I guess but most of the day class don't really have a past. you can add one for him/her if
you shall wish): What was their past like? If your characters from disciplinary committee then there past should be good
with a lot of detail about why they are a part of it and how they know about vampires. Stuff like that.
Personality: What are they like?
Appearance: What do they look like? Try using a pic.

Vampire classes:
Level A: Purebloods
Level B: Aristocrats
Level C: Common Vampires
Level D: Former Humans
Level E: Level D vampires who have fallen outside of the pyramid

Other info: I will list all day class members, night class members, hunters, and disciplinary committee members. For
once I need a lot of members for this club and I know a lot of people do in fact like Vampire Knight. even if you don't
like Vk I think you know enough about what this club is about to actually join. I'm being stricter with this club then
my other clubs.

Name: Emily ai (i know its from Hell Girl but Its a cute name <33333)
Age: 17
Class(Vampire only): level b
Affiliation:  cross academy, night class
Grades: average
Respects: The president of night Class(Don't know who the president is yet>
Abilities(Vampire only): can set aflame anything he touches even when its raining.
Past: Unknown
Personality: She is sadistic but once people (especially day class) didn't know about her sadistic side. she is quite
gorgeous and all of night class seem to like her. she can be violent at times but most of the time shes a sweetheart.
shes quite mysterious

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