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Two Timing Worlds

Founder: Wolf_Fang_Rayne
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Since 22 April 2011

Basically, Angels and demons are walking the earth. But not only that, there at war with each other causing chaos and
destruction with order among the humans. Someone has to stop the war or innocent lives will be taken. Some angels are
fallen angels. Angels who have betrayed their angel sisters and team up with the demons their wings turn black and they
can never return to heaven. They have to burn in Hades for eternity Meanwhile strange animal people who people are
starting to call furries are walking around trying to live their lives peacefully but the humans think of them as
freaks. Some of them are humans who were experimented on and created as deadly weapons but others are born from a human
family with animal ears and tail and usually abandoned by them. Some are pure breads though. Born from a family who
originated from the first furries that ever lived on the earth 1000 years ago. The two sisters were complete opposites.
As different as the rain and sun. Furries who are purebreads are usually related in some way. The pure breads are from
either Rain or sun clan. Rain is the from the darker sister side and Sun is from the brighter sided sister. 
Well thats the story. Hope you have fun!!!

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