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Fantastic Wonderland

Founder: ElizabethRose
Members: 3
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Since 31 March 2012

This is a literate roleplay club. Welcome to the homepage for ElizabethRose's club. With the hopes of reaching high numbers of members, this will hopefully become a club where the more advanced roleplayers of Kupika can come together to collaborate. We can all type up a pretty sentence that is comprehensible and coherent proving that yes, despite the angst in Barton OOC, there are crafty people out there who know how to wield their words. Storyline. . . . . .Many of us have heard the story Alice In Wonderland, or perhaps you've watched the movies, maybe, even, you've read the manga based on this wonderful tale. Now you can be a part of the place Alice calls wonderland. You become your own character, creating the path you go on as your own. Write with the others and create your adventure. Go on and create this place as it is in your dreams. . . To gain access into this club, there is no special dance or secret code you need to know. You just have to be able to roleplay and roleplay well. Requirements are simple. Requirements -Good faith effort Mistakes are expected, but there is always time to review a post before submitting it. You must be willing to correct all mistakes to the best of your ability before hitting the shiny "submit" button. Use a spellcheck if you have to. -Two paragraphs per post minimum Two paragraphs, as in eight to ten well-developed, well-thought sentences, (depending on content.) There is always something to write about if you relax and think about what you can do. Rush it, and you may have a problem. Let the words flow. If writing eight to ten sentences is too hard, this isn't the place for you. -No symbols to depict actions Any sample submitted that uses symbols to depict actions will be denied instantly. Anyone inside the club found using symbols will be banned. Why? For not reading this requirement and because we post in novel format. The symbols aren't needed and it's annoying. -Attendance To make the club run smoothly, as it should be. Attendance is required. If one player is having a conversation with another, and then the master of that character leaves for an extended period of time, the role-play either 1. Gets buried by other roleplayers who post, which is perfectly acceptable. They shouldn't have to wait for you to return. Or 2. The role play stops entirely. This causes the owner to pull their hair out waiting for someone to post. We don't want that, do we? If you plan on being absent for an extended period of time, please, let the owner know in advance, and have your character leave as well. Make up something. Joining is easy. Simply submit a roleplaying sample. There should not be any OOC text within the join request. No information about yourself is needed. Please do not have your sample be describing your character. Do not give us links. Review your piece before submitting to catch any mistakes you may have made. Post history is checked, and is a deciding factor in if your request is accepted or not. Impress us with the sample. Give me your best so I know what you're capable of. If the sample exceeds the character maximum of the join request, PM the sample to ElizabethRose. Join! You must still submit a join request stating that you PMed the sample. The request and PM must be sent the same day. You can find ElizabethRose's profile link at the top of the club page. If you were declined, do not PM the owner asking why. Try again when you think you've improved. If you don't understand what's meant by "roleplay sample" this probably isn't the place for you. Have fun, and enjoy yourself thoroughly. <3

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