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Neko Paradise

Founder: Lucy_Destroys_Humanity
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Since 31 March 2012

People who have seen my page know what this is about but this is what I said in the page. Beats coming up with
something. My page says all the details of the club anyways:

I was thinking of doing a slave role play club and the slaves are mainly nekos but they can be any furry you want pretty
much. members can either be slaves or masters. Its not really a cybering club but masters can have sex and even
impregnate their slaves. I don't care if you make families with slaves. I don't care if you have sex with your slaves.
You can have more than one slave too but to make things better you shouldn't make another slave until your other slave
have already been adopted so no ones hanging around for days on end without being adopted. I want all member slaves to
be adopted. At the adoption center, the humans treat the slaves poorly but they do get fed a full meal every day. They
eat once a day but their meals are quite big and to their liking. They can't have any slaves running away after all or
dying on them. Its bad for business. Their slaves are expensive but once you buy a slave that slave will do anything you
wish. The slaves have feelings too so they may fall in love with their masters. 

I hope this club sounds good. I need Kp(doesn't matter how much. Be as generous as you want xD) and members. Any one who
wants to join this club once made comment below and I'll message you once the club is made. You must be active, however.
If your not active while your online I'll check and message you about not being active and maybe threaten to kick you
out if you don't come back to the club soon. I don't want unactive members but I want a popular club. Tell your friends
about this and have them join. Comment below if you have any ideas as well. Btw, you MAY make twins. No more than
triplets though.

This will be the character creation for the club:

Name: Not gonna explain this.
Age: How old are they? Furries would age like humans unless they have demon blood in them.
Sex: Male or female..... you can do tran or futanari as well, i guess since they are considered genders even though you
don't hear them often
Race: Would prefer slaves to be only furries but masters can be human or any demon species.
Orientation: Yes you may have a gay slave or master but don't be an annoying gay where people just get pissed off at
Any other basic information you can think of for you character list it here

Slave or master: Are they a slave or a master. Masters can be furries too just fyi. Don't get pissed if you get mistaken
as a slave however. Though that would be rather funny. xD
History: What was their past like? How did they become a slave?(if they are a slave) Why did they become a master? (If
they are a master) etc. . .
Personality: What are they like?
Appearance: What do they look like? May use picture or describe. I prefer picture though.

Btw, your slave doesn't just have to be teenager and pre teen age. They can be from ages 4 or 5(don't want them too
young) to ages 19 or 20(don't want them too old.) Master should be older. You can't have a 4 year old master. Thats just
weird. lol. Masters are more of teenagers to adults. 13-29 work best though but your adult can be any age over 18. I
just don't want them too old. xD


Alright so their are two kingdoms but it mostly takes place in the werewolf kingdom. It used to be only werewolves but
some werewolves left and other kinds of demons and even humans started inhabiting the werewolf kingdom. There are
hundreds of small towns and even cities in this kingdom. Your masters and slave may live in completely different towns
or cities but the king travels to towns and cities if there is a dire situation. They will even recruit soldiers if they
need more soldiers. The kings adopted children are Rogue and Chaos and they are soldiers. They are the youngest and two
of the best soldiers the king has ever had.

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