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Founder: SinfulKagemusha
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Since 16 July 2010

Before we get started, since the title doesnt make it quite clear, this is a anime (not as in its based after anime as
in use anime pictures) roleplay club. The rest of the details are after this little message. 

Azaleus. The magical realm opposite the earth. If you thought earth was the only planet, then you were forgetting this
other planet, for magical creatures, for humans with powers, for magic in general. This was actually the first world
created by the gods, but hidden from the humans. I know what your thinking. Then why are so many magical creatures
living in earth? Its just prefference. And sometimes neccesity, to protect the humans. Magic is the only reason earth
still exists. And how do they get to earth? The magic portal, hidden to all humans. Except for those aloud. Regular
humans are the only things that cant find this portal, located in antartica, and a seperate one, in Hollywood, CA. 

Anyway, please join, read the rules, make a character, and most importantly -- have fun!!!

Emblem in progress... seriously this emblem was the only semi-magic thing that fit in the specificness.

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