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Mass Effect [RP]

Founder: Your_Worst_Nightmare
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Since 28 June 2012

Inspired by the popular "Mass Effect" video games... In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an ancient spacefaring civilization. In the decades that followed, these mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars. The basis for this incredible technology was a force that controlled the very fabric of space and time. They called it the greatest discovery in human history. The civilizations of the galaxy call it.... Have you ever wished you were a part of the Mass Effect world? Now you can be. Create your own character(s). Join the fun. Races currently accepting... Asari, Drell, Elcor, Hanar, Human, Salarian, Turian, Volus, Batarian, Quarian, & Vorcha Before you request to join, please note the following: -NO in-game characters are allowed (may change). -All characters must be approved by Your_Worst_Nightmare or a moderator. -You need to be a skilled roleplayer and be able to spell and contribute to the club. The galaxy awaits your arrival...

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