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Beyond Life - The Darkness That Lurks Within

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Since 15 December 2010

Text goes here. Thank you for using! I truly appreciate it. Please make sure to credit, these are free as long as you credit. By credit, I mean anything as simple as: Layout theme/skin/ coding credit to Yanely_a_la_mode. (Remodeled On: 1/2/12) Beyond Magic ~ Ba-Da-Bing-Ba-Da-Boom :P Now, in these trivial times of 2012, we like to fantasize about creatures of fantasies, things like vampires and werewolves. Few of us actually know of them personally now, but you musn't be deterred that they do not exist. But still, we are not talking about 2012. No. I am talking about the future. Here in the future, we are at the peak of existence. All with only three continents, and an island. Lots of things could've done it, but we don't know, since it's been millions of years since 2012, and this place of itself has been here unnoticed for thousands. Actually, it's 2012 HP (hit pointsss, Highest Peak). It is called that because that despite our small room for improvement, the three lands do well for themselves, all in different ways, each being at its highest peak. There are three continents, each at the "highest peak" of that aspect. MAGIC ~ ARALIA This is where most of the supernatural creatures gather. Said to be guarded with monsters of lore, no one comes in here, but truly inside it is a beautiful place, that you will never want to leave. MACHINES ~ AZUREA This place is the high tech place that everyone looks foward to in OUR 2012. Things like iPhone 3000, flying cars, self-sufficient robots....everyone here is or aspires to be an engineer, and the rich do especially well here. Less magical, no fairies floating around, just skyscrapers, computers, and large houses with all sorts of machinery. MATURE ~ ANUKU This is the place with nature in it, all of the inhabitants want peace, and a little goes a long way here. In fact, people who cause disturbances are less tolerated, if at all. It's very earthy, and nothing is trampled or cut down. THE HEART ~ ANEATS People here are a mixture of all three. Since Aneats usually only has the people born to it in here for long, its a great honor to live here, and a great shame to be banished from here. It calmly rules with the largest arm of all three, keeping the piece. These were the only kingdoms for a long time, before Devoul appeared, a dark island across the waters where none dared to go. The only rule never broken was never to travel across the seas, and none knew why. Recently, on the night of the new year, using all of the festivities, as well as it being the only time that anyone and everyone was at Aneats. He found an island shrouded in darkness, and with dark clouds above it. With his lantern, he woke the terrors of Devoul, on accident wholly, and slowly, as they counted down, his body was mutilated, his mind destroyed, and then finally all were eaten, as the new year sprung. Unknown yet to the habitants of Aralia, Azurea, Anuku, or Aneats, they are now all waking up...and this will be the worst war since way back then... ^^^ So thats all I have for nw... SO BE SURE AND JOIN TO LEARN MORE! <3

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