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Founder: Futa_Fun
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Since 22 October 2011

The NewHalf Academy is a place full of secrets. The only students are older girls, who never seem to enroll, they just
appear, seemingly overnight. Those who dared to peek inside report seeing people in labcoats, and others who looked like
teachers. At night, some people have reported what sounds like either cries of pain... or pleasure.

This is a futanari roleplay. If you don't know what a futa is, you really shouldn't join. You can either be a student
(Futa), a teacher (male or futa), or a scientist (male, female, or futa). And now, you can either be a loli (futa or
female) or a shota (male). I'll accept anyone who tries to join.

The backstory is that scientists discovered a drug that turns females into futas, giving them much higher sex drives.


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