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Free Talk.

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Since 11 November 2007

Heyy! Welcome to my very first club! As you can see.. The club name is 'Free Talk' Thats because, here you can say your own opinion, and I wont get mad at you. Uhm.. I wanted this club to be fun, beacuse all the other clubs that I joined, the leader was always spazzing at me.. or it was just boring. Soo.. This wont be like those. I want alot of posts, and I promise, I will not spaz at one person. There are a few rules. Nothing too unsusual. Stuff like... • No name calling, because that is rude. • And try to keep swearing.. to a minimal level. Yes. You can say your opinion, but dont make it rude... like for an example, this happened to me in another club, we were talking about our favorite TV show's, and someone said her favorite show. And I said, "Ew. Are you serious? Thats so childesh. I hate that show" And there leader, started like.. Freaking out at me. It was weird. So my point is.. That here you can actually say your opinion here, and you wont get kicked out. This club, like I said... I want it to be fun... Soo, yea... I will put up a few games, and such. Like truth or Dare, or 'Would You Rather' Or stuff... but only for people who want to play. Uhm. Any one can join.. Girls, Boys... Young, Old. Anyone. Also.. This is my first club.. So bare with me, here. I dont know how everything works, yet. This does not have private discussions.. beacuse of the following reasons : • I personally dont think its needed. • People who are thinking of joining, should be able to read the posts, to help them decide. • It's not like this club is JUST for some kind of people, anyone can join, anyways.

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