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Fantasy Role Play

Founder: xX_Kiba_Of_Darkness_Xx
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Since 3 November 2011

Want creepy?
I didn't want to make a club or join one but I am really fucking bored and have nothing to do with my life.

It takes place in London, England. Things were peaceful until the demons came. The humans and demons went to war for a
couple of years. They finally signed an agreement that demons may live in London but must stay on their side. Humans may
not cross the border to the demon side and vice versa. Things became peaceful once again. Until Vikas took over all of
England. He is a demon and has vampire and werewolf servants. Girls find him gorgeous but cross him and your likely to
get executed. He is a powerful king and is able to keep England standing and his powerful army are able to fight off
their enemies. For the first time in forever humans and demons walk among each other without any problems but will it
stay like this? Or will someone cause war between humans and demons once again?

Demons you may role play as:
Regular Demon
Werepyre(Cross breed between vampire and werewolf)
Shape shifter(A demon that can shape shift into powerful demonic creatures. Wanna be a cat or something innocent maybe
you can be a large tiger with flaming stripes or something)
Blood Elf/Dark Elf/Whatever demonic/evil elf you wanna be
I guess thats a good selection of demons that you can choose from. You can be human if you want but you will be weak
unless your a mage/spell caster or a warrior or something.

Role play if you dare! >:D Lol all members of kupika are welcome but I hope I don't get too many members because it
starts getting hard to deal with when there are too many members.

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