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Dreamers in Space

Founder: Big0007
Members: 5
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Since 2 September 2016

"No one can hear you scream in space"

Welcome dreamers/explorers!  This is a role playing club, be anyone you want...be more than one person.  The more people
that join the better.  

Set in the future, humans have expanded into space, colonized Mars, space station at Venus, outpost on Europa, space
station at Saturn, secret space station out past Neptune.  Perhaps you want to stay on your aliens's home planet of
Alduine for Avagards, Proxemo for Davroths

We have made contact with new alien races:
Avagards- humanlike with green skin and red eyes, their hair is either purple or a silver, known for their beautiful
looks- rumor is said they kill their mates after making love

Davroths- beastlike race, some can look like bears, lions, or tigers.....oh my (little joke), the main thing is most of
the race has fur, many are wolf-like or lion-like for the most part- rumor about this race they are cannibalistic when
raging and some said even during mating

There may be new races out there yet to be discovered.  This is just the beginning of this tale.  You can be an Avagard
hooker assassin, a Davroth bounty hunter, a human crime lord, or any other thing you want to be.  You can be military
commander on a planet fighting the hostile local inhabitants or maybe want to lead a coup against a tyrant.  Maybe you
want one character to be a Davroth smuggler and another character to be a human restaurant/bar owner where everyone
comes for information.  Be more than one or just one.  I want this to be fun and different, say you have too many
characters and you want to get rid of one.  In this club if your character dies, they die.  So let's see where this
adventure goes.

So to start out this fun, here is one story that can be followed.....reports have come in that around 100 dead bodies
have been located on a small spacecraft floating out past Jupiter with no witness alive.  Who will join this quest or
make their own quest?

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