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Anime Adventure

Founder: Kari8899
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Since 10 December 2007

I am not accepting new members, gomen nasai In this club you will get to go on various adventures! All you have to do are 3 simple directions! 1. Create your character in the "Meet the people" post 2. Make a world 3. Have some fun exploring different worlds! See? These are very easy! You'll get to go on missions and tons of other things. Did I mention that you can make the missions too OoO? Well, you can! If you spot trouble be sure to schedule a meeting so we can discuss this problem!!! ~Rules~ 1. A person that threw a cupcake out the window does not count as a bad thing -o- 2. Be a great citizen! 3. If in a mission and someone is hurt, tell everyone else to help! 4. This world we live in is called S.S.H what it stands for is unknown.... 5. Join please..-__- I have 20 kp left....D: 7. If you have a question message/letter/question me! 8. No changing poeple's posts! If you do, your privellege of creating posts and editing posts etc. will be taken away. 9. Nopeys! I'm not the boss!!!! ~~~~~~~ We people here work as a group!!!! There will be fighting sometimes but I promise it won't last long ;D Its like we're spies, hehehehe! In this club we'll be traveling ALL over the country!!!!!! ~~~~ Where we've been so far -Alaska -Venice, Italy

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