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Aeron's Academy for Criminal Youth

Since 17 April 2010

"We are an institution for the gifted in our society. The young people who's uncorrupted minds are yet to be molded
into the shape of their greater selves. Our goal is to, by providing a hospitible inviroment and greater education, we
shall form them into the best of character and mind. Our goal is to do this...without the restrictions of common moral
and law..."
- Aeron

Roleplay Scenario:
You have been cordeally invited to attend Aeron's Academy....or rather....drugged, kidnapped and forced to come here
against your will....for reasons you know nothing about. Perhaps it's because you're notibly intelligent....maybe you
hold unparallelled athletic ability....perhaps it's that strange gift you swore you told no one about....whatever the
reason...your here now...and you might as well forget the life you left behind because you are here to stay!

About the Founder and School
Aeron is the founder and headmaster of this school. He created it because of his growing notion that society is
poisoning the community with it's dull rules and regulations. He beleived only true freedoms could be found beyond the
boundries of law, abd the only reason to save people from it....was to expose such freedom to the children and young
people of the world.  He rounded up the few that he knew would support him, criminals, mad scientists and so on and
dubbed them the teachers of the school. Then he sent out for the first students....

It's been a decade since that first class of students where brought here, lots have changed, the uniform style(mostly
black), the rooms(like bloody hotel rooms), and the decor(which is as rich and fancy as ever...). Not to mention they
now have foods from all over the world to accomidate foreign students.

The school is still strictly secretive. There are no windows so students can't look outside and see where they are, and
students are not permitted to leave. There are guards at every entrance, exit and even garbage abd food transport
system. Only students of the highest level may leave the building and visit the nearest town periodically.

Warning: there may be content inside not suitable for the immature. Viewer discression is advised.

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