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I hope your happy now

wow mann.
we had it made.
you and me and nothing to break that.
but you went and fucked everything up. 
and that was just great; psyche.
now a whole 3 weeks later you've call that whore yours.
and im happy for you but poor her...
you'll probably fuck her over too.
it wont be long before you skip to the next.
and the next, and then next. aha.
thats just wonderful too because i never really needed a boyfriend like you.
but thats ok because we're still tight.
just friends, because "something just wasn't right."
according to you.
but i guess it was true because now your with her and i dont want to be with you.
it hurts just a little.
because you seem to pretend that we never happened and it was the end.
and the whole time we were just friends. and everything you said 
was part of a dream.
a dream that i had but that dream just didnt seem
that you had that dream with me.
but convinced me you did. and then i remembered...well we're just kids.
so next time your looking for some kind of support
because something went wrong or it just didnt work.
ask me. i dare you.
dare to ask the one you threw on the god damn floor and said
"i cant do this anymore."
and i love how you dont even bother to say, "hi." in the morning.
or how was your day?
but yet you still call me one of your best friends.
and it just gets me confused, but in the end...i guess i am happier this way.
im proud of you.
and i hope you make it last.
because you didnt with me.
but thats ok. because you made a mistake and i like it that way.
because life isnt fair, and if you look at it right.
mistakes are the things that put light in your life. 
and if you hadnt i dont think we'd be here. best of friends even though its not fair.
and honestly, you seem like a brother to me.
and i dont know if that matters at all but im here for you but i swear to god.
if you hurt her.
ill tell you like it is and say, "see what you did? you've done it again."
and the next thing ill tell you is, 
"what were you thinking!? she wasnt strong enough to take that beating!
they aren't all like me! you can't expect them to say, its ok and i accept it i still love you anyway.
they wont act the same. they wont. YOU STUPID BASTARD. you made her cry.
you ruined her day and for that you should die because last time i checked, that was the second time.
and the first time i forgave you but now its all a lie. and you were the guilty party.
we deserve second chances and you just used yours and if your asking for a third...
your not gonna get it. i'll make your life hell. because if you do it a third time dont expect me to ever speak to you
yesterday...i saw you. you hugged me. you looked at me LIKE YOU USED TO. 
but yesterday saw her. you hugged her. and you looked at her like you used to look at me.
but i guess four hours is no big deal to someone like you. and as shallow as you probably feel,
you still keep at it. but your only 14.
so when you grow up, dont come back to me.
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  cloud_nine — Page created: 15 March 2008
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