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hello thus page isnt about me its about the way i am like my personality and who i am what i amlike when i am bith certain people. when i am online i am just the natural me.Anying, talkative, sometimes argumentitive but thats only if you get on the proppa wrong side of me that involves treating my 4 month older than me step sis like trash. we are always there for eachother.but ig you stay on the good side of me i am a really nice girl. and i can crack some good jokes lol. tho when i am with mii mates especialy lyndsey mary kelsey lauren other lauren other lyndsey or maddie i am the most sick minded girl you will ever meet.. but yet it is so funny like in tech. me and lyndsey are sat there and we get my rubber out but my rubber is lik,e one of those ones were you press the top and the rubber comes owt of the bottom and all of a sudden me and lyndsey are taking laughin fits on the floor at this rubber and we got proppa wrecked for it ... so we were sat at our table and the a but tipex on the table and then all of a sudden me and lyndsey were in hysterics again... as after tipex on the table i grabbed the rubber and started pressing the top to make the rubber come ou but then again i had it held ova the tipex lol... when im withn other people like melissa lucy caitline the mose pretty people ever im like not as talkative i let them talk aswell as me and we all have a goood laugh especialy me a nd melissa her and my cousine are like glued and when me and melissa are talkin its usualy about him and tskin the mck out of him.. and ends in me sayin callum this. callummm im gunna tell ya manm ya been avin sex with melissa and then his face goin from a smil to a omg dont face.. and we and melissa ion histerics... and we and caitlin just talk about random things lol ... and lucy i dunno what we talk about but its funny we usualy just talk bout the randomest of random things... i can dress the way i like i usualy wear skinny jeans occasionally when its warm always when its warm i wear mii sorts and laggings...with a tank top i usualty always were a ave so manny otherwize if i am not wearing skinny jeans or shorts and leggings i am obv wearing normal jeans as i dont have one single pare of trackies in my draws lol. [b/]
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  cheekie_bell — Page created: 25 May 2009
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‹Beth;ICan;Make;You;Believe;In;Love&&;Sex&&;Magic› says:   25 May 2009   984538  
You started wearing skinny jeans AFTER me. Looking up to your older sis (Y) :D
cheekie_bell says:   25 May 2009   279693  
lol beth
Oroborus21 says:   26 May 2009   536343  
its interestin gto see how people are diff online then they are from offline...i
wonder if you would be shy or outgoing around me in person?
cheekie_bell says :   26 May 2009   172936  
lol edie i am extremaly loud i would be shy for what the first 5 mins then i would
be annoying and realy wxtremaly talkative lol

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