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all about me hello my name is belinda i am 13 years old in august i never listen at school... i have brown hair and eyes i amin a comprihensive and i am not that good at spelling... i have to wear glasses but i never do... im not that popular but i dont care realy you dont need friends to have a good life but the friends that i do have go bofore of those people you may know she goes on hear and is called beth... she has brown hair also shes a very nice lass very pretty... eddie you may know him he is awsome i am going to talk about my family. starting with my little sister who is 11 years old now and she has blond hair and ble eyes she can be annoying but if she wasnt she wouldnt be her.. she is small and has a good few friends shes is very winey.. then i have a brother who is 15 and has ginger hair and green eyes.. he is very uncool i hate him and he hates me. then there is arron who is my other brother he is also ginger but he is older he is 17 and workes as a chef... he is very tall and flexible. then ther is bethanii my stepsister she is very much like me but she is very clever and very pretty she is the girl who i was on about who plays this she is the one who got me on to the website. there is adam her lil brother who is really annoying it is indescribable.then there is my mam the best ever person in the world i love her more than words can describe she is called fiona other wise know as fifi her nick name wooo love her...and there is curt i love him aswell he is like my stepdad hes always there and he is there for my mam and is always helping keep us undercontrole when my mam needs help. that is my family pluss we have a dog called holly she is really fat she loves to eat but she is so adorable she is a pure bread of staffy. and we have a dog called cara but she doesnt live with us you see its bethanys dog and they dont like live with us full time they come round on weekends ans some times alot more but only realy in the holidays.. and they bring cara round with them the dogs are so cute... holly and cara woooo i like swimming running gymnastics and other sports and i have tidying but i love make up and getting my pocket money so i have to earn it thats the part i hate.. i have arachnophobia so never put a spider near me or i weill cry ad i will end up nearly taking a fit or actualy take a fit so yahhhhh thats all for now yalll cya
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  cheekie_bell — Page created: 24 May 2009  |  Last modified: 25 May 2009
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Oroborus21 says:   24 May 2009   922382  
your hair looks blonde in that latest pic not brown
cheekie_bell says:   25 May 2009   442436  
yh i have streaks forgot to mension that
‹Beth;ICan;Make;You;Believe;In;Love&&;Sex&&;Magic› says:   25 May 2009   515669  
LOL GOG. I have an Og called Cara. Awesome.
cheekie_bell says :   25 May 2009   382398  
??? lol bethh

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