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100 Things To Do Before I Die

Dongsaeng sent me this... I have no idea where he got this, though. He's right behind me, forcing to burn all my
doujinshis if I don't do this. :C If something is striked out, it's already obviously been done.

1. Spend one entire day reading yaoi fanfiction and doujinshis.
2. Become a game designer or a pharmacist.
3. Draw yaoi.
4. Join an art circle.
5. Go to an anime convention.
6. Meet my online mommy and daddy.
7. Eat a really big sandwich.
8. Trust someone so much that I would take a bullet for them.
9. Get a ball python.
10. Actually see a shooting star.
11. Get a telescope.
12. Throw things at random passing cars.
13. Kick Thomas the Train at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
14. Get a chicken.
15. Get a goldfish. 
16. Get a rabbit.
17. Get a Nintendo Wii.
18. Get a Nintendo DS.
19. Get a Playstation 2.
20. Get a GameCube.
21. Get a Playstation 3.
22. Play ToS.
23. Play ToA.
24. Play SuKai.
25. Play DDR.
26. OWN DDR.
27. Get a pig.
28. Get a lamb.
29. Get a cow.
30. Get Sims 2 for PC.
31. Get Sims 3 for PC.
32. Eat Shark Fin soup.
33. Eat snails.  
34. Meet Big Bang.
35. Meet DongBangShinKi.
36. Meet FTIsland.
37. Kill Stephanie Hwang (Tiffany) from So Nyeo Shi Dae.
38. Send a letter to someone outside of America. 
39. Make a call outside of America.
40. Crossdress.
41. Get a microscope.
42. Adopt a child.
43. Donate money for an important cause.
44. Visit Asia.
45. Travel on a plane.
46. Visit anywhere outside of America.
47. Master a European language.
48. Register for deviantArt.
49. Pchat.
50. Play CounterStrike.
51. Beat a male at a fighting game.
52. Use an eyelash curler without tearing out my eyelashes.
53. Use eyeliner without poking my eye.
54. Get married.
55. Get a PSP.
56. Play CC.
57. Huggle an animal.
58. Destroy a barbie doll.
59. Have a whole bonfire of barbie dolls.
60. Visit Peyton Lake.
61. Visit Grand Canyon.
62. Go to Utah.
63. Go to Florida.
64. Go to Australia.
65. Go to Hawaii.
66. Drive to another state.
67. Get a driver's license. 
68. Get straight As.
69. Get straight Bs.
70. Get one F. 
71. Dance in the rain.
72. Kick an enemy's trashcan. 
73. Volunteer in the animal shelter.
74. Volunteer in anything.
75. Slap someone's ass. 
76. Temporarily dye my hair.
77. Get a spiffy hat.
78. Be in a school play.
79. Sing on stage.
80. Write a fanfiction story.
81. Buy a bird and let it free.
82. Get a turtle.
83. Get a guinea pig.
84. Play Silent Hill 5.
85. Make a thousand cranes.
86. Get a dog.
87. Get a cat.
88. Meet Bill Gates.
89. Get a leather wallet.  
90. Ride my bike to school.
91. Go to college or university.
92. Bake a pie.
93. Bake a cake.
94. Bake cookies.
95. Make jello.
96. Eat chicken brains.
97. Eat 10 whole tomatoes in one day.
98. Eat 7 slices of pizza.
99. Play an instrument.
100. Try to draw yuri.
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  ceLeste — Page created: 18 June 2008
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icesk8er4ever says:   18 June 2008   155157  
YAY!!!  you have actually gotten 100....wait r the 1's you crossed out the ones
you've already done....YOU'VE EATEN A SNAIL!!!!  oh well...i could tell you were
bord....and im bord for writing this when your probebly not even gonna read it
‹In♥His♥Shadow› says:   19 June 2008   657271  
1. Spend one entire day reading yaoi fanfiction and doujinshis.

Been there, done that. XDDD 

Cool list though! :D
‹♬-s e u n g GI-♬› says:   19 June 2008   196927  
You know, noona... after reading this list, you seem creepier than ever. o w o;

Why do you have to sleep so early?!
raysosaurus says :   19 June 2008   386699  
"6. Meet my online mommy and daddy."

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