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53 F United States of America
speaks English
Last login: 4 February 2013
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16 Feb 11
people who take pictures only from a really high angle or from shoulders up

you aren't hiding...
5 Dec 10
What city is the person you wish you were with in right now?

What are your plans for the...

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Q&A Section   
Oroborus21 5 Aug 10  
Kupika was down so this is a Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
catchmyeye 6 Aug 10  
thank you.
Fawesome 28 May 10  

Speak English properly, or do not speak it at all.

I am in fact not obsessed with you, merely amused.
Get the fuck off my Tumbla'.
catchmyeye 28 May 10  
Mess up, get over it.
And you were SO ready for one little error, hah.

You are though. You speand so much fucking time and eergy hating me.
Who the hell are you?
I sure don't know.
Get the fuck off my Kupika,
and get over the tumblr thing.
I'm not even following you anymore,
and I didn't know it was you.

By the way,
considering I don't have a Q&A link on my profile,
You must be putting in some url work to talk to me.
Hah, fuck off.
I don't know who you are, or care what you think about me.
Fawesome 28 May 10  
L@WL !M N@WT 0B$3$$3D BUt L!3K ! @GR33 W!+H 3V3RY+H!Ng H3 S@!D.

catchmyeye 28 May 10  
No, but you are obsessed.
I have no idea who the fuck you are, really.
You look so stupid hating on me all the time. when I'm pretty sure we've never
even talked.
What is this, 4th grade? You're just going to go on what you've heard about me?
I don't know who the hell you even are,
so fuck off and leave me alone.
You're immature hate obsession is getting old.
Fawesome 26 May 10  
Little Homo Fag. Your insults suck, so much. Like it's sad. Little = smell. Homo = liking girls. Fag = pile of sticks. I'm a small pile of sticks who likes girls. Woww.
You called him a faggot yourself. Hypocrisy is S0 NAWT GH3TT0. ):
catchmyeye 28 May 10  
L0L @ U T@KiiNG D@ TiiM3 D0 R3AD D@T C0NV3RS@Tii0N T0 FiiND S0M3ThiiNG T3W H@T3
0N Mii3 F0R.
C0ULD U B A LiiTTL3 M0R3 0B$3SS$D?
liarliarpantsonfire 2 Mar 10  
In your mind, in my mind there's no winner yet. How am I a worthless pile of
I don't think you look good at all, I think you look like a crackwhore version
of Selena Gomez.
You'e obviously really insecure, 'cause you're gonna' continue this until you
"prove a point".
How do I imply them? Talking down to people isn't implying anything.
You don't have any right to sport something that belongs to the rave community;
whether it be kandi, or anything that is related to raves. You're not a raver,
quit trying to be something you're not. Quit being a little fucking conformist.
I wasn;t setting a rule, now was I? I was saying that it's pathetic for you to
try to pretend to be a raver, especially when you're not even a baby raver.
You don't like it, you don't know anything about it. You're more fucking
pathetic than the god damn e-tards.
I don't spend a lot of time on the computer, this shit only takes about 7
minutes for me.
Alrighty, I'll keep that in mind to be just like you and make a bunch of fake
friends that don't give a flying fuck about me, and walk around acting like a
stuck up cunt because nobody likes me.
Now I'm gonna' go scratch my back.

catchmyeye 2 Mar 10  
All your arguments suck.
Not even wasting my time.
I've definitely already proven my point.
Talking down to me shows you have nothing better to do.
That's sad to me.
YOU are sad to me.
I'll wear whatever the fuck I want, and do whatever the fuck I want,
and you and your fake like internet dweebs can obsess over it and giggle about
it all you want,
but you'll eventually have to move the fuck on.
Thanks for your time.
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