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About me - Message me.... - THE EVIL PUMPKIN

I'm 15 I like video games. yanuyasha-full metal alkamist on tv.My favorite games are GTO-Kingdom of Hearts1&2-
Unreal Tournaments I live in Rensselaer Indiana...
I am sengl to...              :D
I like to tolk to people. I am a boy my name is clint.
Im homeschooled.                                                                           THATS ALL FOR NOW...
          ()_()                                                                               ()_()                   
          __    ()

 PLEASE  Message me  My user name is c245                                                                         
                                                                        I made a story read it...                       
                                                                                    BY Clint                            

                                               Once there was a giant pumpkin in the woods and
in this pumpkin there is an evil spirit. The spirit's name is johnson. The next day a girl and her best friend came by
the pumpkin this
 girls name is jessi. The next  day jessi went to the pumpkin with a carving knife and  carved the pumpkin.
johnson was very mad. After the carving was done jess said: the world is quiet here. Then Jessi was walking home and
there was a mysterious creep. Something was chasing her in the forest, but at the last minute she finds her house and
locks her door! The next night Jessi went out to the woods. She saw a man, it was Johnson. Jessi said, "wh wh who are
you?" " I I a am  u uo Johnson." " I iI thought you died in a fire 11 years ago." " I did. It was in my house rrrrh ."
(sniff, sniff) A tear ran down his cheek, but I moved on! Planka? Johnson kidnapped Jessi. She screamed, "
aaaaaaaaaaaaah!" They got to Johnson's lair, it was the pumpkin. He locked Jessi in the pantry. There was a window. I
made an "sos" sign which means HELP! It is night. I heard a mysterious creep. I found a flashlight. I shined it left,
then right, up, then down. I was searching for a key. Finally I found it. When she got free she went to fix the pumpkin,
and Johnson was happy again. 

                                                                                   THE  END

                                                        So tell me how you liked it???
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Hippy25 says:   8 January 2007   286554  
cool u lik anime and scary stories ^^
i do too XD!!!!!
plz send me a message
Tails says:   9 January 2007   362364  
Tails says:   9 January 2007   825162  
oppps! I mean ummmm HI?
Tails says:   9 January 2007   851887  
Savannah says :   9 February 2007   358641  

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