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 September 2010
 August 2010
  26  DoesThisCreepYouOut?! poemsss
 July 2010
  20  The Youth Of America Is Amazing My Thoughts On Life
  20  The Simple Fag Life I Own Dahvie
  20  Dahvie In His Natural Habitat (Part 2!!) :D
  20  The Scene Police I Own Dahvie
  20  Dahvie In His Natural Habitat I Own Dahvie
  19  Death Is Delicious
  19  I can't stop bleeding.
  16  Paint It Black poemsss
  9  Do you know what's really, really scary? imcrazy
  9  I'm such a stupid liar.
  9  Another Quiz---Stupid Labels Again... quizzies
  9  1 Word Quiz quizzies
  9  Disorders Quiz quizzies
  9  Let's have a Suicide Party imcrazy
  9  Did you know that moshing is... Random Crap
  9  There's no such thing as 'Screamo'!!!
  8  My Favorite Song Music
  2  The Ultimate Expression of Love My Thoughts On Life
  2  I remember in 7th grade... Memories :P
  2  Child of the Fairy Palace poemsss
 June 2010
  10  I Hate People Who Hate Dahvie Vanity
  10  The Best Emo Poem of All Time LOL
 May 2010
  29  I'm Sick Of Posers.
  29  Please Read This!!!!!
  29  What Unwritten said: This is bull shit.
  29  To Pokemon_is_EVIL
  24  Wyatt's Music and My Music Music
  24  Loom
  24  Last Day Of School Random Crap
  24  The Used - Artwork Music
  22  Avril Lavigne I wish I could go back...

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