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 October 2011
  3  ~
 November 2010
  14  Add my facebook,
  12  I don't care,
 July 2010
  9  Pull the trigger bitch,
 June 2010
  7  Ramblin' On.
  2  Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep,
 April 2010
  20  Happy Holidays,
 March 2010
  31  Your forever is all that I need,
  29  Hey guess what,
  28  Oh darling, I love you so,
  16  This isn't over baby, don't believe a word they say,
  16  When words mean nothing,
 February 2010
  28  I believe in peace and harmony,
  28  Conversations 'bout nothing till midnight,
  27  We're composing our funeral songs,
  24  We will soar,
  23  Your thighs were made for cheeks to graze,
  22  I should have told him say goodbye to your family,
  22  You're not as perfect as you think,
  21  I want to,
  18  Come get fucked up,
  8  I'm turned on the tabloids, you would never have guessed,
  2  You can find me drunk as hell on the kitchen floor,
  1  Cause that's what you lalalove to dododo.
 January 2010
  27  Call me Mr. Flinstone,
  27  Just let me forget, I beg of you.
  25  I'm So Hood,
  18  Top 4- Stolen from my wiffey. :D
  18  I need to get this off my chest.
  17  phonephonephone,
  16  lookin' like a fool, with your pants on the ground
  13  These Are Adorable.
  11  Dear Jorgie-Poo,
  11  We all lie, we're all liars.
  7  When I get drunk, my dick does all the thinking.
  6  Take the pain, take the pleasure. I'm the master of both.
 December 2009
  24  Ignore This.
  24  Ask Me Some Kick Ass Questions!
  13  I love the way you look at me,
  12  Keep it rated PG in the passenger seat.
  11  Don't stop, get it get it.
  6  Breaking up is just too easy.
  3  Tippin' On My Dick.
  2  Shake that ass to the ground, shake that ass round and round.
  1  Hello World, my name is insomnia.
 November 2009
  30  Beggers can't choose, I'll always lose.
  30  Your body is my motivation.
  29  Everyone's got a backpack full of problems.
  28  All My Friends Are Doing Drugs.
  28  I'm a stranger. A sinner. A stray.
  28  All you'll ever get is a pile of rackets.
  27  This is a reason for broken wings.
  26  Girls like me don't fall for boys like you,
  22  Signnns.(: Look for yourself. ;D
  21  I'm Misses Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
  21  We go good together, just like coffee and cream,
  16  I Just Laugh,

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