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 July 2014
  13  shit
  13  yaaaaas
  13  Feels nice to be back
 March 2012
  13  Miss You Guys!
 October 2011
  16  Pretty Little Liars and The Crucible?
  15  What a Dude
  13  Occupy Canada
 September 2011
  29  True Life
  21  Adults... -_-
  19  Abortion (Oh Yeah, I Went There)
  18  The best part of this crazy little world...
  11  Opinions?... Is This Creepy?
  5  They're going to ask me if my parents abuse me...
 August 2011
  25  I'm not tagging anyone though...
  25  I have wanted to do this one for years...
  13  My Mom is Such a Hypocrite
  8  A week in a room with six Republicans...
 July 2011
  24  Money Thing
  22  Some Random Thoughts
  22  Oh, to have a normal family...
  14  Gryffindor :)
  13  I'm Not Ready...
  8  I'm Done Things I Wish I Could Say Outloud
  5  For Everyone You've Ever Trash-Talked Things I Wish I Could Say Outloud
 June 2011
  24  Almost.
  24  I'm Done Now :)
  24  once upon a time i was falling in love
  24  cause i'm just too white and nerdy
  24  romeo, save me, they're tryna tell me how to feel
  24  was a long, dark december, from the rooftops i remember
  24  and i'm hanging by a moment with you
  24  and how, i can't explain; but you make my dreams
  24  one dance left, this world is gonna pull through <3
  24  i can't help thinking that we almost had it all;
  24  Someone Posted 9 Blank Surveys...
  22  Grade Ten :D
  22  Quiz
  22  DjfIGJUGJDAHGJUFHGhgrjgjrgh
  17  it feels like home to me <3
  17  Ugh... Opinions?
  10  An example of dumb s**t
  8  life is beautiful <3
  6  The Balance Keeps Shifting... Redoing Things I Did When I Joined Three Years Ago
  6  This can never be done too many times...
  4  He's Judging You
  2  My day/life was literally just made.
 May 2011
  31  A Little Question...
  29  FlowNATEoosha.
  29  I'm Addicted to Surveys
  29  it's so much colder than i thought it would be so i tuck myself...
  20  People These Days....
  6  Likes and Dislike Partie Deux (TAKE THAT BILIGUALISM JUSTIN.CA)
  6  I Like Speaking French, Really I Do...
 April 2011
  29  Gee, Thanks.
  29  Prince William Rap, Not Written by Me
  25  This Needs To Be Viewed. Now.
  10  Dear Mom
  4  Why Do I Keep Signing Up For Addictive Websites?
 March 2011
  26  Driving :D
  15  Well, That Was Interesting
  13  My Patrick Looks More Like Taylor Lautner Than Your Patrick
  7  Just in case you haven't seen it.
  4  30 - love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime
  4  29 - he was a punk, she did ballet. what more can i say?
  4  28 - when i was finished sinning love came down and showed me you
  4  27 - when you come and i am filled with wonder, sometimes i...
  2  26 - in sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came
  2  25 - math... ew.
  2  24 - when i'm gone you'll need love to light the shadows of your...
  2  23 - i can never explain what i hear when you don't say a thing
  2  22 - you're pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie ;...
  2  21 - like a lazy oceans hugs the shore, pull me close, sway me...
  2  20 - everybody dance now
  1  19 - it's like the garden and the apple tree ; same old...
  1  18 - heaven bent to take my hand, lead me through the fire
  1  17 - you're so mean when you talk about yourself ; you are wrong
  1  16 - when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while
  1  15 - don't know what's down this road; i'm just walkin, trying...
  1  14 - i'm on the right track, baby, i was born to be brave
  1  13 - they say that good things take time, but really great...
  1  12 - the world slows down but my heart beats fast right now
  1  11 - without a soul my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold
  1  10 - adagietto
  1  9 - she's the devil, he don't care
  1  8 - you stayed outside til the morning light, oh my, my, my
  1  7 - i'm gonna throw my hands in the ayer
  1  6 - hold onto sixteen as long as you can
  1  5 - hey stephen i've been holding back this feeling so i've got...
  1  4 - in my life we'll always go on
  1  3 - i'll hold you through the night until you smile
  1  2 - kick a --- in the --- til i makes a --- and sounds like ---...
  1  1 - the strands in you eyes that colour them wonderful stop me...
 February 2011
  28  My Life at the Moment (aka Updates)
  27  Joy
  24  Pascal
  23  Oh, Sports Psych... Oh. My. Gosh.
  20  I'm Not Mental, Woohoo Redoing Things I Did When I Joined Three Years Ago
  19  Fave <3
 January 2011
  31  Another Survey :D Redoing Things I Did When I Joined Three Years Ago
  26  MAHSELF Redoing Things I Did When I Joined Three Years Ago
  24  take me home where we met so many years before; we'll rock our... Redoing Things I Did When I Joined Three Years Ago
  24  Yet Again, I'm STILL a Goody-Goody Redoing Things I Did When I Joined Three Years Ago
  24  if i could then i would ; i'll go wherever you will go Redoing Things I Did When I Joined Three Years Ago
  24  i believe in the power of you and i <3 Redoing Things I Did When I Joined Three Years Ago
  22  A social analysis of "Glee," and more specifically Quinn Fabray
 December 2010
  22  Even Kupika Generalizes Us :/
  19  A Realization
  13  Dumb, Self-Centered Kids + 8 Mile = Inspiration Sick and Twisted School Life
  1  I Love This
 November 2010
  28  Sarah This Is Epic, Kay?
  26  Life, Right Here
  22  Courtesy of My Friends' Facebooks :)
  14  everywhere i am, there you'll be
  13  for a moment a band of thieves in ripped up jeans got to rule...
 October 2010
  24  8 - hide your heart under the bed and lock your secret drawer. ...
  21  7 - "How I, then a young girl, came to think of, and to dilate...
  20  6 - as she carries on without a doubt, i wonder if she's figured...
  16  5 - how can the only thing that's killing me make me feel so...
  15  4 - in the end i wanna be standing at the beginning with you
  14  3 - take me back when our world was one block wide; i dared you...
  13  2 - these words are my diary screaming out loud and i know that...
  10  1 - you're everything i know that makes me believe i'm not alone
  10  Day-by-Day Thinger. :)
  8  Society Perpetually Rips Me Off
 September 2010
  23  Fun Times at a Funeral :)
  23  You Can't Make Me [Repost as I Fear 4 of the 70 Most Common...
  16  Survey, Again :) With Commentary by Tourettes xD
  6  Urban Dictionary Survey :)
  5  A Little Poem I Thought of Driving To My Aunt's
  2  100 Questions :) With a Video
 August 2010
  31  Nother Survey :)
  25  I'm A Thief :)
  23  Belongs in December? Says You!
  23  Rest of My Summer :)
 July 2010
  28  Random Survey :D
  26  Calgary Stampede Part One- In Log Form Due To Laziness Oh. My. Gosh.
  3  Stumbled Upon This Recently
 June 2010
  15  Who I'm Going to Thank When I Publish a Novel
  9  What Happened To Me? Fail :D
 May 2010
  25  Religion/Beliefs Redo :D
  5  Oh My Gosh Old Times... Sick and Twisted School Life
 April 2010
  30  Stolen From Sarah :D
  6  Quizzie :D
 March 2010
  22  Six Songs... Again :D
  21  Things I Plan to Do Before I Turn 16
  16  Survey...
  16  I am a Heartless, Coldblooded, Ruthless Murderer/Destroyer of... Oh. My. Gosh.
 January 2010
  31  W-h-o-W-a-s-Y-o-u-r-L-a-s-t
  30  I'm Still a Goody-Goody
  30  7 Deadly Sins
 December 2009
  24  Zombie/Centuar/Faerie... WTF?
 November 2009
  9  Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt
 October 2009
  11  My Space Key Is Broken Sad! :(
  4  Made Up Song About A Guy Who's Girlfriend is A B**** So He Left...
 September 2009
  19  'Terrorist 'Rights' Cruelty to Fallen' by Thomas Sowell
  19  Sometimes Life Just Gives You A Kick in the Ass
  8  The First Day of High School
  7  Things You Discover At A Family Reunion (AKA Reassessing your... High on TicTacs... But Everything I Write is True!
  5  Kirsten Has Gallstones... Sad! :(
 August 2009
  30  Can You Name... ELEVEN People?
  26  Can You Name 6 People?
  25  That Time of Year Already? Announcements
  22  Stress Test (Don't Cheat) Not likely to be true, but this wish...
  17  Negative Stereotyping of Preps... Announcements
  17  Kupika Secrets... stole from Kirti, and it's fun!
  11  There's A Name For Everything, And Everything Has A Name
  4  Did I Do This One Before? Oh Well...
 July 2009
  31  Why Irish Women Kick Some Major Ass... Announcements
  28  This is a lot longer than the one I did a while ago...
  20  The Final Straw...
  19  I Have 8 Boy Traits and 10 Girl Traits
  19  Laugh. Now.
  6  Ha! Chain Mail... 16 Things Girls Don't Notice
  2  3 Things You Should Know :-)
  1  Happy Canada Day!
 June 2009
  30  A Hahahahahaha! A Girl's First Time!
  23  Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (or Best Musical... Music
  22  The Year...
 April 2009
  22  Is It Just Me...?
  18  See, Mom? I Told You I Was Wacked From Day One!
  12  Randomness/Randomosity/Whatever You Want to Call It it's Random
  12  Yeah, So It Sucks... Announcements
  11  The Weirdness of My Friends Sick and Twisted School Life
 March 2009
  29  Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot Announcements
  28  My Challenge
  14  I Kiss 98% Right Stolen!
  13  25 Random Truths Stolen!
  3  Everything I Ever Needed to Know... Sick and Twisted School Life
  3  40 Things About... Stolen!
 February 2009
  28  Hate Emos? Me Too! Announcements
  28  Spencer High on TicTacs... But Everything I Write is True!
  15  Lame Quiz As Usual... Stolen!
  11  Stolen from Niki Stolen!
 January 2009
  22  94 Truths (I'll Try My Best :-p) just had to!
  2  Stuck on an Island With a Bunch of Idiots High on TicTacs... But Everything I Write is True!
 December 2008
  29  Inteeresting... Stole From Scissors Even Though She Didn't Tag Me My Own Quizzes
  29  I Dont Care What Anybody Says... Oh. My. Gosh.
  28  He Should Be Dead... Sad! :(
  21  Bitchin Stereotypes
  20  Story for Bellam's Thing Contests
  15  David Cook, A Dictionary, The Grinch, A Stapler, and an Epic... High on TicTacs... But Everything I Write is True!
  10  Mwa HaHaHaHaHaHa..... Who Knows? just� had� to!
  4  1995~Do You Remember the 90's? FUNNY! ELOHEL FUNNY!
  4  No Means No, Asshole
 November 2008
  30  Diary 30 Nov
  29  How Un-pure Are You?
  29  My Music
  28  I Have A 'B' Life :)
  18  SORRY! Please Everybody Read This! Announcements
  6  What Hurts the Most~Chapter Ten fanfic
  5  I AM White, Obama IS Black, and the Kid With Autism IS a Retard....
  2  I've Done 15 Out Of 36 Stupid Things! :)
 October 2008
  23  Look, I'm Not Obsessed... :)
  13  My Life in Songs
  13  P-I-N-E-A-P-P-L-E or K-I-W-I, Dude! :)
  5  What Hurts the Most~Chapter Nine Announcements
 September 2008
  28  Are You Ashamed? just had to!
  26  Top Ten in Books
  25  Hey, Hey! Top Ten in Music
  23  What Hurts the Most~Chapter Eight fanfic
  20  I Don't Care How Many Friends I Lose Over This Sad! :(
  20  Try Not to Cry Sad! :(
  14  Beliefs
  11  For All The Sarahs, Chrises and Every Other Child Out There Who...
  10  My Angry Vent/Rant, and If You'd Like to Understand Me, Read... just� had� to!
  9  What Hurts the Most~Chapter Seven fanfic
  2  I've Been Tagged By winterpenguin26
 August 2008
  17  A Stupid Quizzie Thingy just had to!
  16  Pregnancy!
  16  My Final First!!! Announcements
  9  What Hurts the Most~Chapter Six fanfic
  7  I Have 31 Confessions! :) just had to!
  6  Estimate of Age You'll 'Lose It'~I'm 24 just had to!
  6  I Messed Up 21% of My School Reputation
  6  Number 19, Baby! :) just had to!
  3  Who Did You Like First?~I Don't Really Believe This Garbage, But...
  2  What Hurts the Most~Chapter Five
 July 2008
  30  My Friends Experience at the American Idol Concert! FUNNY! FUNNY! ELOHEL FUNNY!
  29  My Attempt At Analyzing My Weirded-Out Dream just had to!
  28  I am Going to Be A Gangsta Because My Mommy Made Me just had to!
  28  Long, Stolen Quiz My Own Quizzes
  28  What Hurts the Most~Chapter Four
  27  What Hurts the Most~Chapter Three
  27  Everybody Read this, 13 or Not! (Previously 'Do Not Read if You... Announcements
  27  50 Things About Me (Stolen) My Own Quizzes
  27  My mental age is 22! (stolen) My Own Quizzes
  26  Stolen Quiz... Your unique Names! {:-P} My Own Quizzes
  21  What Hurts the Most~Chapter Two
  18  Childhood Quiz My Own Quizzes
  18  What Hurts The Most~Chapter One fanfic
  17  I am So Happy! :) Announcements
  15  Hi guys! just had to!
  15  What Hurts the Most~An Announcement About an Upcoming Fanfic... fanfic

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