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 December 2009
  29  I'm 81% of a music fan. Quizes, Test
  28  Jason&Ashley: A Note Story<3
  23  Jason&Ashley: First Sight Story<3
  22  A Million Questions!~ Quizes, Test
  8  Random survey I dunno what to name 'cause I stole it from this... Quizes, Test
  5  Think Fast Quizes, Test
 September 2009
  22  Urban Dictionary Quizes, Test
 August 2009
  14  So...Bored.. @.@ Pointless things
 April 2009
  1  I Got Arrested D: chain letters
 January 2009
  21  Where were you when we had a Black President? Skool stories :D or :/ or >.< or all of the above
  1  Ready for 2009? Random things
 December 2008
  25  Feliz Narutard and Merry Kunishmas
  21  I'm moving to Texas!~ xD chain letters
  14  Fill It out!~ Stole from Lachia who stole if from Janelle who...
  4  Happeh Unoffical Gay day!~ Pointless things
 November 2008
  29  Stole from Jellie >.>
  26  Giving Thanks Friends
  14  Soundtrack of my life *rolls eyes* Quizes, Test
  10  68% from lachia
  1  I didn't make region band :] Skool stories :D or :/ or >.< or all of the above
 October 2008
  29  Cell phone trick chain letters
  9  I almost lost it today. Skool stories :D or :/ or >.< or all of the above
  2  49 confessions.....? Quizes, Test
  1  We want to know your...[[updated]] Quizes, Test
 September 2008
  26  What do you know know about your bff? Friends
  25  Valentine's survey [[in september]] Pointless things
  23  Migit stix, funnyos, long hair, and other stuff Skool stories :D or :/ or >.< or all of the above
  19  Random Survey >.> Quizes, Test
  18  I'm Not Okay-My Chemical Romance Quizes, Test
  14  Non-important-waste-of-time stuff Quizes, Test
  7  Even more questions Quizes, Test
 July 2008
  19  Gone 4 a week.... Random things
 April 2008
  26  Good News! (if you care...) Pointless things
 January 2008
  20  If anyone cares......I'll be gone for a while... Pointless things
 December 2007
  26  True or False Quizes, Test
 November 2007
  21  Bedroom Quiz Quizes, Test
  11  SPLEE!(did i just say that?) Random things
  11  Thank you, For proving me wrong. Skool stories :D or :/ or >.< or all of the above
 October 2007
  28  Cryon Survey Oo Quizes, Test
 September 2007
  19  Why should I be nice if there not nice to me? Skool stories :D or :/ or >.< or all of the above
  11  Why must they all go?????? Friends
  1  im a average kid?
 August 2007
  30  Middle skool 6th:grade gossip and entertaining Skool stories :D or :/ or >.< or all of the above
  27  Meh 1st day wasnt suckie :D Skool stories :D or :/ or >.< or all of the above
  20  uh..a milloin ?'s Quizes, Test
  10  Meh ish 57% teenager(i wuz bord)
  7  The guys from darkness meh story
  7  Meh drawings :D
  6  23 ?'s Quizes, Test
  5  Join today!
  5  Meh name :D
  2  Tomboy test thing Quizes, Test
  2  My Friends Icons :D Friends
  2  sad walmart story
  2  No lying Quiz Quizes, Test
  1  im 33% goth Quizes, Test
 July 2007
  31  70 ?'s
  31  CryBaby Bridge(Freakin scary man!!!)
  31  L from Death Note
  30  We want ta no ur..... Quizes, Test
  30  i screwed up 9% of my school time Quizes, Test
  29  The Meanie Test Quizes, Test
  29  Narutard survey Quizes, Test
  29  Meh parents control 28% of meh life Quizes, Test
  29  im 9% barbie...O.o Quizes, Test
  28  Lady Quiz XD Quizes, Test
  25  4 Tomo,Rivann,Pon&Zi Friends
  21  Im 85% guyish Quizes, Test
  20  PointLess Life Lessons With sand_ninja (Part 2) Pointless things
  19  PointLess Life Lessons With sand_ninja Pointless things
  18  Another test thing Quizes, Test
  11  Diary 11 Jul Quizes, Test
  11  These are like my theme songs...... Songs
  1  My mental age is 10 Quizes, Test
 June 2007
  20  Da Stupid Test!
  20  My Oscar Meyer Song! Songs
  12  Could we really be a couple?
  10  Reasons Why Spurs are GOING to win
  10  Can you Spell Your Own Name
  7  Naruto The Movie:Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow(awsome) Naruto
  5  For All My Buddies On Kupika! Friends
 January 2007
  30  InkHeart books
  23  Guess The Riddle:1
  14  All-American Rejects: It ends tonight,Dirty little secret
  12  Survey thingy
  8  DA ninja Club!

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